Status of Brightness Control

Support, please reply.

I am also curious, It’s not a must and I can understand if it’s already at max brightness, but it’d be nice to be able to adjust it if possible.

Switch cool colors on it

Helps a little. We really need the brightness control.

It must not be at max since PIMAX said they would add a control to increase it.

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Pimax support, you hear your customers?? Dim image in Pimax mode its very big problem for ALL. Just make default brightness and contrast as in htc vive and oculus.

Hi guys,
Sorry for the later reply, We’re testing the brightness control command internally, and this function doesn’t work perfect by now, but anyway, we can put the beta version in next release and let you have a try.

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@PimaxVR That’s great. Thanks for keeping us updated!

We really appreciate the reply, I hope you guys get it figured out. Having to work out a data sheet can be difficult. Just to let all of you guys know, this is one the first products with an igzo micro display.

@PimaxVR Can we please get an update? It has been too long. There have been some beta releases and no mention of the brightness control.

esta peña va a su rollo.
If at least there is a brief explanation users are lost

We just finished the beta version build. and ready to be released by today.
sorry for long delay since we encounted some unexpected issues when we tried increase backlight power. moreover, the pannel gamma also need fine tunning.

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Thanks for the work and the update, much appreciated !

We really appreciate it, It’s nice to see that you guys are doing the work unlike some other companies who just reassure their customers that they will. Thank you

Hi guys, the version is ready on mega now, and here is the link to download!gI8h0AbZ!MyMNdZQi3FBSpeX3mW6a_HFIrwELScwawNBPnzws3YM

There are the steps about the brightness control as follows,

  1. make sure ur firmware is the latest beta version(, u can update it by select the “Participation Firmware Beta version” checkbox in the “Settings”window。

  2. If the firmware is ready, and then open the debug tool by the button “debug tool” of Settings window. And u can send the special command to control the brightness.
    Enhance the brightness ------ 10033011
    Restore the default brightness ------ 10033000

That’s great news! Many thanks for your hard work on this feature. Can’t wait to try it.

@Richrad Thank you for this! I’m assuming we need to be very careful sending the command. Can we cause problems if we send the wrong command string?

Can confirm that it is decently brighter and there doesn’t seem to be any light bleeding or color desaturation.

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  1. The drift that appeared after running steam vr has disappeared,
  2. I can feel it brighter than before.
  3. 2560 * 1440 resolution option built in. No more need to install Pix.exe

You seem to have made a lot of effort. Congratulations.
Anyway I will try more.

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Well +1 here too, brightness looks better without compromising colours + 2k resolution built-in. What im interested about is does the blue light filter still work because it looks so much brighter now without even using cool mode.

Hopefully we get some-kind of slider or at least an similar option to easily turn on/off enhanced brightness. Good job anyhow for the price of Pimax Headset im actually pretty happy things are getting fixed. Imho you need to get a file hosting service for us on different continent so we could actually download games/videos you are hosting on piplay and for steam games i would move those linked game to a different tab so when i’m checking content on piplay it wont swap me on steam webpage or to china bbs.