Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition On Now

A lot of VR game demos that we can test to see how those games will go with our Pimaxs.
Keep in mind that these games are unfinished versions (Alphas)
They will be available to download all week.

Some of the games:

  • Mini Motor Racing X
  • Paper Beast
  • Golf Pool
  • Traffic Jams
  • Hospitality
  • Rinlo
  • Robot co
  • Groove Catcher
  • Draco Dux
  • Demagnete
  • Gamecine
  • Naau: the lost eye
  • Hyper Stacks
  • My shadow
  • Machizzle
  • Blunt Force
  • Balsa Model Flight Simulator

    By the way, if you look for VR Demos in Steam, you’ll get 303. Did you know?

Don’t forget to try:
Blunt Force, Rinlo, Paper Beast, Traffic Jams, Naau: the lost eye…


Nice everyone post your stand out, pimax demo’s here!