Steam Summer Sale!

Anyone care to add a list of some must-have games? Especially ones that are heavily discounted. So playability combined with sale!

I want to try to the Rick and Morty and Trover games.

Raw Data has huge discount.

Boneworks and walking dead worth it at small discount?

How is Five nights at Freddie’s? The simulator games?


Boneworks is must play if you want full VR experience but needs some time to get used to it.


Not sure what are the most popular VR titles, but I just bought
Westworld Awakening | The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone | The Assembly

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Ending up getting Trover, Onward and The invisible hour

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I’m probably not going to buy any VR games, since I don’t have any VR controllers yet.


I shouldn’t either since I don’t even have a headset XD but since it’s the sale I got boneworks, Xplane11 and pinballfx2 vr. I’m on the wait list for a full index package. So it’s an investment


Actually I DO have a headset. It’s just so crap I forgot I had it. A VRTek WVRII. Absolutely awful for games but surprisingly great for watching 3d movies. I ran through all the movies a while ago and forgot I had it.

I don’t suppose this is the place to reccommend a headset for just watching movies, even if it only costs something like 50 pounds but still. It does that job VERY well on a very clear simulated movie screen that just about feels big enough, it’s odd how awful the games look. No matter what I do they’re blurry and cross-eyed, not to mention the unwanted simulation of looking through two toilet roll cores.

I had to import this thing like in the video. And I came from a pimax XR. (!) At least it trained me to enjoy the fov of an index, right? Unles the 8kX actually surfaces to buy before my spot in the index queue comes up :wink:


Got a non-VR title that I have long had my eyes on, actually: Return of the Obra Dinn.

The game’s dithered monochromatic frames do not seem a painful eyesore, when viewed with VorpX, to me, it turns out, but that’s in mono; Need to figure out how to get them in stereo; Just copying a profile from another Unity title does not seem to work… :7

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I’m not sure stereo 3D is possible for this game. It looks like it’s a custom 3D engine to me. VorpX only works with DirectX 9-11.

It is Unity - that I am fairly sure of, although who’s to say whether it has been modified any, beyond Lucas’ set of post filters for Floyd-Steinberg, etc… (EDIT2: That said: I’m not sure that’s straight-up FS, because the dithering pattern seems fairly static from frame to frame - maybe he has done something to make it a less “flickery” experience.)

No DirectX .ddl seems to be included in the game directory structure, for easy determining, but looking into the binary, there are a couple “d3d9.dll” strings, as well as one d3d12 and one Vulcan – not sure what the game does with any of those. :7

(EDIT: Anyway - likely different dithering between the eyes would probably be highly confusing, at any rate. :7)