Steam VR settings change every new load?

G’day, just wondering why it does this, every time I load SteamVR or a game the per eye resolution changes to something random.

Loading from PiTool not PE.


My understanding is that SteamVR/OpenVR keeps track of your settings and framerate from previous runs and dynamically changes the recommended resolution based on that data. Small resolution differences don’t make a significant difference in framerate. Also, some of the settings in PiTool can also affect the res, even incidental options like vertical per-eye offsets.

Take a look at your C:\Users\ <user_name> \AppData\Local\openvr\steamvr.vrsettings file. Notice the lines in the GpuSpeed section. Those numbers represent your previous VR session performance. SteamVR is using them to determine the optimum res for your system.


I edited the steamvr.vrsettings file according to a guide on this forum.

I copied the txt and saved, set the GPU speed to 5000 like it said.

I check now and the GPU speed is all over the place, not 5000.

Is there anyway to stop the file from changing and leave it at the settings as per the guide?

*EDIT - I re-read the guide, apparently have to try 3 times sometimes for it to stick and if not after 5 times I made a typo.

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Use PE. It forces the change before every game load.


yeah I’m still waiting for PE to be cleaned up and optimized.

I find it too slow when jumping in/out/in to games, it’s quicker to have it turned off and take the headset on and off, plus I usually need keyboard and mouse straight after exiting a game.

If the 8kx had a see through camera so I could see my keyboard and mouse while the headset was still on and use Desktop Mode in PE then it wouldn’t be an issue.

Definitely the highest priority for me for my next headset is a see through camera, don’t care about resolution, being blind to the real world means I gotta constantly take headset off and on just to take a sip of coffee.

you can use the leap motion ,like camera if you have one.

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