Steamvr 1.14.16 - Pimax HMD can not connect after update

Today my steamvr updated on 1.14.16 (non beta), and after that I can not use steam with my pimax 5k+. Error says that my HMD is not connected to my PC, but I see pimax start picture. Non steam games also work (i.e. Asgards wrath - and funny, there is no wobbling with pitool 262 any more).
Last time that same happened (Steam Error 476) I was on steamvr beta, and after update I couldn´t start pimax hmd. I opted out from beta, and that was ok. Now I can not make same.
I made steam question because of that, please support it there if somebody else have same problem. thx.


No problems here?

I make sure they don’t disable the pimax drivers because when steam crashes/updates it disables some drivers, which causes the pimax one to stop working. Steamvr > settings > startup/shutdown > manage add-ons.


Same problem here… Since 1.14.15 (yesterday´s update), SteamVR doesn´t detect my HMD (Pimax 5k+).

I can´t open the settings window when this error occurs.

Due to another problem entirely I purged all the appdata and programdata folders before the 1.14.15 update. 1.14.16 seems to be working here.


Edit: @BarShiftGames already told us solution, but I didn’t read carefuly! Thx man

I found something: every time steamvr crashes - that means add-ons are disabled. I was trying then to open it without plugins, but I have one plugin named “Pimax”, and without it Pimax HMD does not work. Enable just that!

Be aware that you click all of your plugins 2 times when activating, once to remove sign “deactivated” and second time to switch on/off (needed after crash)!

After trying all of combinations, SteamVR does not run any more with open vr input emulator (plugin OOvrinputemulator). Disable just this, and enable others, it works.

My next step is to search for new version of affected plugin, but I just wanted to share my findings asap :wink:


Please consider that we really need SteamVR to stop with all this instability. Also, half a year later, the latest versions of SteamVR have still broken OBS recording.

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