SteamVR HAM left eye cutout

On my Pimax8KX, does anyone know why I have this clipping in the left eye image? Not only is the clipping visible in the VR view, but in the HMD I see less rendered area in the left eye than in the right eye. I have changed RQ from 1 to 1.25 and 1.5 in Pitool and also in SteamVR with values between 50% and 100%, or changing from small, normal or large Fov. With and without HAM or PP. But I always have that cutout on my left eye.

Normal FOV


Large FOV

Did you do any “application specific” setup for SteamVR Home? If you did, those will not show when you run hmdq. Otherwise it looks like a bug in SteamVR (Home). Or try PP on.

The same thing happens with PP and I have no specific configuration in SteamVR Home, although in reality I see more than what the VR view shows, there is no such cutout in the HMD but in the right eye the rendered objects disappear at the end, I can. appreciate perfectly, and in the left eye I do not see the objects rendered on the outer end disappear, so I have some clipping of the image on the left side. SteamVR must have been corrupted. I will have to try some game.

Make Sure your SteamVR config file (use PE) can handle that large of a resolution ask!

I have already found the problem, well if it is. Changing the IPD offset in Pitool zooms in or out of the left eye image in the SteamVR desktop view. I have the extreme IPD mod done on my Pimax so the mechanical IPD is at minimum and is reporting 60mm. To adjust my vision to the extra lens shift (real 65mm) I have to put +3 IPD offset in Pitool.

@risa2000, the total IPD that I have set is not shown in HMDQ? that is, the 60mm of mechanical IPD + the +3 per eye of IPD offset. Can you tell that total IPD is coming to SteamVR or any other application? I have verified that FPSVR is useless, it reports the IPD that steamVR 63 has by default, if you add the line to steamvr.vrsettings:

“steamvr”: {
“ipd”: 0.065000000000000002,
“ipdOffset”: 0,

and from there you change the IPD value, this will be the one that FPSVR shows but in reality there is no difference between for example 50 or 70. The image does not change, neither in the HMD nor in the SteamVR desktop view.

For all this, it is still not clear to me that IPD is the one that is being informed to the VR applications or games and therefore it is difficult to make corrections for each application and adjust a clear vision in each one of them.

I believe we have already established that Pimax changed the IPD offset to “image shift offset”, but left the name of the feature in PiTool the same.

Read my response to this here and here.

What you set (-15, +15) is an arbitrary value (only Pimax can explain) which shifts the image over the displays, but has nothing to do with the IPD (i.e. the distance of the virtual cameras) the SteamVR advertises to the application.

Yes the IPD reported by hmdq is actually the distance between the two virtual cameras (eyes) used for the rendering as advertised by SteamVR to the app.

Thanks for the clarification, seeing your post I remember reading it. But now it is clearer to me and it makes me think that the extreme IPD MOD that I have made to my 8KX is having an incorrectly distorted image of the position of the lenses, since I have been able to join them -5mm mechanically, but as the IPD offset of Pitool is not correcting the distortion or the position of the virtual cameras, it only moves the image with the same distortion, the vision with +3 IPD offset in each eye makes the view relax and the image is sharp in the center, but it will continue there being deformations in the periphery and an incorrect IPD reported from the virtual cameras.

Is there a way to change the 60mm reported IPD value? I have found this file “profile.json” in this path: “C: \ Users \ chume \ AppData \ Local \ Pimax \ runtime” that appears the information reported by the HMD, since if I move the mechanical IPD of the Pimax, the values The file changes, but if I edit it manually, they are restored as soon as I turn on the Pimax 8KX, and if I set it as “read-only” so that it cannot be modified, the settings in Pitools will not be saved. And also even editing to a 55mm IPD in HMDQ 60mm still appears.
How crazy all this.