Still cannot get 90hz after 2 months

I can log on to iracing but won’t load tracks

Nevermind …I rebooted internet and all good. Now I must say it’s frickin awesome! Iracing league I’m in has 35-40 drivers so very taxing . That extra 15 fps makes a huge difference!!

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Ran bristol which is half mile track with 41 trucks 2 days ago. Had to lower graphics a bit to keep it smooth…now no problem :+1:


When will we have the final 90hz version? At the moment, they are all betas.


Well… Pimax are basically always in bêta since they keep improving their products… They could have stay with 75Hz but they choosed to push things further…

That being said, 90Hz isn’t stable yet on my side (W10, pitool 272, build 299 (and the other 299), 3080ti).