Really tired of waiting for the stretch goals. Months and months go by and we still don’t have even a confort cushion o a proper one for our hmd. Still waiting for my base station too. Come on Pimax! Send everything without any more delays. This is too much.


I got tired of waiting too. I’ve sold my 5k+ and lost any good will I had for Pimax. It’s sad but Pimax put themselves in this position. I would consider myself Prime target for Pimax with money to spend and an enthusiast mentality. But three things don’t ring true for me anymore.

1, Pimaxes failure to deliver on their promises on the last Kickstarter. Headstrap, eyetracking, etc. Shocking they can get away with this.

2, Pimaxes total organisation is terrible. They announce release dates before they’ve finalised the hardware or before they tested the products to make sure it’s reliable.

3, Not upgrading the lenses. If I had to pick one feature for upgrade it wouldn’t be the resolution, the build quality, the price. It would single handedly be the lenses. Better convergence, blurr, eye strain, etc is what stopped me using the 5k+ and switching to the Index.

Pimax didn’t need the 8kX the 8K+ or the artisan. They needed a 5k+ with Headstrap, better lenses at a reasonable price. They could sat where Index now sits, out of stock. But no, Pimax are only interested in burning bridges while moving onto the next best thing that fails to deliver.


I completely agree with almost all of that.
I think they did need the 8kx but there should have been very high priorities on everything else.
You can’t deliver accessories 1 year + & still counting after delivering headsets.
That’s completely out of order!

1 year later or more, many people are likely upgrading to new headsets.

I was getting so angry about all my owed accessories having such a low priority to pimax.

If it wasn’t for me
A: buying a vive das
B: already owning base stations & controllers
C: buying & enjoying a valve index
D: trading my base station & controller bundle in the upgrade plan
I would have probably lost my sh#t big time on the forums by now.

I desperately want my owed headstrap & i’m still owed a paid hand tracker.
It’s crazy to think it was paid for in Nov 2017 & still no sign of it.
If they arrive before or with the 8kx, I’ll stay calm.

The time has already passed for me to use them with my current sets.

I’ve learned that I’ll never preorder a pimax accessory ever again because not even exaggerating it could arrive years later or maybe not at all.

I’ve given pimax one last chance with the 8kx purely because it seems like a very good (& for the first time) finished headset.


This is pretty much why I have not ordered an 8kx. Why would I place a second order when I haven’t received the complete first order yet?

Yes, I know. a kickstarter isn’t an order, blah, blah, blah. The facts remain the same, items in the first agreement have not been delivered.

What’s almost even more sad is that I pretty much don’t even care any more. I find vr amazing but have just given up on it and just play games on my monitor like I always did.


Totally agree with your story. Ain’t buying any promises from them anymore…ever!
Everytime you “think” you get close on recieving anything, you have to pay more or extra shipping!
Only to find out that again nothing is received within a reasonable timespan.


I think Pimax is really focused on delivering the 8kX right now. IMO, providing the actual headset they originally promised, has to take precedence over other accessories/products.

It seems a minority of people have a better experience with the optics of the Index than Pimax headsets. This just doesn’t seem to so severely affect most of the userbase. Something Pimax needs to take care of, but everyone not having the resolution of the 8kX is probably even more urgent.

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Everything mentioned was originally promised.
The only 1 thing out of everything, which people knew would take much longer was the 8kx.
The 8kx has taken priority for 1 main reason.
New money.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for the 8kx.
But nothing anyone can say to me excuses the fact none of the accessories at all have been finished/sent after all this time.


YES! When are lighthouses and controllers shipping for BACKERS!? So frustrating.


Pimax Vision 8kX takes precedence because it is the hardest to source any way other than Pimax making it for us. Therefore, it is the most unique contribution they promised by far.

There are a lot of third-party headstraps, headphones, etc. Lighthouses and controllers at least exist from eBay. Compatibility with the Vive ecosystem, up to the facial interface, was a particularly good choice in hindsight.

An affordable, comfortable, high-performance dual-panel 4k headset does not really exist otherwise, and would be difficult to make from scratch, at least with decent size, weight, feel, and optics.

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And you think this excuse is an acceptable excuse to produce NO paid for, promised much needed accessories after 1 year & 3 months of headsets being sent out.

There are probably well over 20,000 pimax 5k+ out there still using a floppy headstrap.
Only with a promise that a real headstrap will arrive someday.


Acceptable? Debatable, both ways. Certainly, some people are at least as desperate for just the 8kX itself. :wink:

Reasonable? Choices have to be made, Pimax is a small company.

Have you worked in a consumer hardware product startup? This stuff is not easy to source, design, or deliver.


Postponing the stretch goals to fast track the 8kx might be acceptable to many of us but not the base stations and controllers . They should have been sent out months ago . I paid extra for plan f in early November and still have not received them . And as far at I know no body has received their base stations while they wait for Pimax to finish developing the sword controllers which I expect are going to be delayed again .


I’m not quite sure why you’re here using your intelligence to think up valid excuses for pimax.
Or deflecting the conversation when you find your grasping.
You’re a backer.
So I guess you’ve seen all the excuses, promises, dates missed, the amount of times things are almost ready, will be sent soon etc… Then doesn’t happen.
You’re a smart guy. Think about it


No excuses. Pimax has made some mistakes. Not least of all as they apparently unexpectedly became a fulfillment intermediary for Valve lighthouses/controllers.

However, I have some experience with hardware development, so I have a good guess at where the company is, and what they can prioritize.

I don’t see how they can deliver the lighthouses/controllers faster if they are stuck somewhere useless, which I guess is probably the case by now. Similar problems for some other accessories.

I do see the 8kX as their core product, and personally, I benefit a lot from more of these being in the field. I suspect many others feel the same way.

Mostly though, I am interested to hear other perspectives, there have been a few different opinions in this thread already.


I agree that prioritizing the 8k-X is a good decision. The X backers has been waiting for the main product like for two and a half years now?


I agree
They have loaner while people waiting for goals have nothing to compensate :confused:


Well we’ll agree to disagree then.
You can say nothing that will make me think otherwise.
I’m not against the 8kx at all. Never have been.
I want one. I’ve ordered one.
It’s about priorities. Artisan, 8k+, 8kx seem to have pushed everything aside.

imo all accessories & multiple excuses aside, they have not finished a headset yet until they deliver the owed rigid headstraps.
Nobody was owed an 8k+ or artisan.
400 owed backer 8kx’s (of which backers have loaner units to tide them over) vs 20,000 upwards 5k+ & 8k in the field without a rigid headstrap.

If pimax was my company I know where my priorities would be.
It would be making good on my promises asap & not burning bridges


It’s a small company :tm:
Yes it’s a cliche but it’s true.


I agree. But that makes it more confusing that if they don’t have the resources to supply the long awaited / promised kick starter accessories - how come they do to produce an ever longer and confusing list of new HMD models?


Not true. I received the controllers and base stations a month ago although is like not getting anything at all. The tech support TeamViewer to my computer after I open a support ticket and spent more than an hour and no luck. Tech support got the log file and two days later I got an email stating that the base stations were no calibrated at the factory. Now as today Feb 15 I still waiting for an answer or “Solution”.