Striker Vr Gun, supported Games

Does anybody know what games are supported .
I love the recoil on this device . Would be awesome with contractors or onward .

$1200 for a gun peripheral, are they smoking something, hahahahaha


valve tracker included - but still …

the tracker is another $100!

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…post deleted…

I am very interested in this product , I love such things , its all about immersion :stuck_out_tongue:

When you tape a Vive wand to an AK47, you have the perfect immersion :joy:

It should be not a problem, to wire the trigger…

A real AK47 is cheaper than the Striker VR :money_mouth_face:


I will never understand why they charge so much when it is so cheap making our controller shaped as riffle or whatever we like

and to that we can add also custom locomotion via arduino


Can anyone help me with setup striker VR lite? Area infinity manager can’t connect to a base station.

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