Studioform Creative VR Counter Balance Kit & Side to Side Wobble

The kit came in the mail today. Installing them was easy but fiddly. Initial impressions, I put the headset on and the overall weight of the headset is definitely heavier. Extra 300 grams. I’ll have to complete a few races to evaluate if there’s more strain on the neck or makes it uncomfortable when moving the head around. Might even make the neck stronger! It definitely takes the pressure off the nose but at the expense of light coming in from the bottom, so the headset will have to be adjusted to stop this. I’ll see how it goes. At this early stage, I don’t like the extra weight.

Has anyone and even Pimax considered improving the side to side wobble when the headset is turned in these directions? I find that I have to turn the knob pretty tight to cease the movement but feels like I’m getting “squeezed” in a vice.

Would thickening the side pads so that they actually press up against the sides of the head might improve this from happening?

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Can’t wait for the feedback after installing the Counter Balance Kit.
We did organized poll section towards the MAS Side Pad, we have summarized the results to the engineer team.
They are trying to do something with it.

Theoretically, it would help to reduce the wobbling, but it might depends on user’s head shape.

You may need a thicker side pad, so you wouldn’t need to turn the knob tightly and “squeezed”. This will cause discomfort as you will feel pressure within your head.



The wobble is just the design of the MAS. Vive pro users complain about the same issue. It stands off your head and doesn’t cup the back like the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

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Love my Studioform cross support. I was using extra side padding before I brought it over from my Vive DAS to my KDMAS. With the DAS, I used a counter-weight. Now I don’t feel the need but that’s my head.

@dogbite Does the strap mitigate wobble and helps relieve with nose pressure from the HMD? Is this the HTC Cross Strap that you bought? @PimaxQuorra

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When I first tried the KDMAS, I could not wear it low enough on my head and let it hang, the way I like, when I want to wear it loose, but also tighten it up when I want to lay waste to hordes. The cross strap affords me the ability wear it lower positioning the tightening knob more to my liking. My head shape.
As far as wobble goes, the breadth of the Pimax’s means it will wobble more than smaller hmds. Is my wobble less? I would say more stable, so in some games probably. I like mine to hang a bit and I also cut away the nose flap so i can peek at my KB/M and also ventilation. A lot depends on what and how you play.
I used the SF strap on my Vive DAS and now the KDMAS. In my case it has been a big positive in comfort for both. ymmv

Yes youre picture is the one I have. Disclosure. i didn’t buy it . I won it :smiley:

I would have bought it.

I have that apache strap and the counterweights as well. I didn’t find that the strap did a ton to mitigate the wobble, but it takes soo much weight off of the face pads. After a long VR session now, I no longer see marks from the pads on my face when I look in the mirror. I’m also able to move the lenses close enough for my IPD without pinching the bridge of my nose like would happen before.

The only possible downside I could see is that it might get a bit warmer, because in combination with the comfort kit, the entire front half of your head is basically covered in headset. I have yet to have this cause any discomfort for me but also haven’t done any intense beat saber sessions since I got it.

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Yes i much prefer the studioform with the Vive Das. No wobble or nose pain even with thin face foam. Thick face foam pushes me just a bit to far from lenses causing peripheral distortion for my face type. Dmas hits back of seat making it difficult to look around or relax. Audio is bad also but that is well known.

After trying the counter balance kit, this my opinion.

My conclusion: I find the kit to be heavy and slows down the left to right movement. Guess my neck muscles aren’t strong enough but I feel the weight, especially while turning my head. In the end I took them off. It does indeed tilt the HMD up but the top strap and rear cradle can be adjusted for this.

Other users have had success with the kit but it’s just not for me.

That’s certainly true, but I find it reduces neck strain, since the weight is balanced. That means the muscles in the back of your neck don’t need to constantly contract in order to lift a front-heavy headset. I really like my Studioform counter balance kit. It is far superior to my original DIY counterweight.

Yes, I had the same issue with my 8KX. I fixed it by thickening the side padding, using an easy and inexpensive method: double-sided velcro. Since it sticks to itself and the headset, just add as many layers as you need, between the headset housing and the pad. This post has more info…

For a picture of how to install it, please read the “Fitment” section of my guide…

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