Subnautica Below Zero No PP Mod!

Hey folks if someone would be willing to post details on this mod with Nexus Mods we can add this to the Guide Repository for games.


Pimax needs to focus on engine specific integration better than they have. Having the HMD rely on mods and workarounds isn’t great for long term use.


That unfortunately is more on the game developers as these unity mods were possible if the devs had the interest in doing them themselves.

Some Developers have put time in to eliminate PP and some simply haven"t.

What is on pimax is not having sdks updated where they can on there end.

However these current sdks only helps devs that use Unity and Unreal leaving custom engines out. Of which maybe more difficult to create a generic Sdk.

And if course old programs need mods or Dev reinvestment.

Less workarounds will be needed as pimax gains more presence.


I’m using the mod and it works great. Really easy to install. I had installed the regular VR mod first and realized that I had to use PP with it which as usual really hurt performance. I then installed the Pimax compatiblity mod on top of the other one and it works great. Made a world of difference with the game.

I just followed the directions below to install the normal VR mod:


I refunded Subnautica because of no motion controllers support. But I like this announcement from your “normal vr mod” link:


  1. Finish adding motion controls (early access version with motion controls will be available soon, though many people still prefer to play with a controller)
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Don’t disregard the gamed because of motion controllers. It’s one of the top experiences I’ve had in VR and I’m about 10 hours into the second. It’s a real game, one of the few, among piles of tech demos and shovelware garbage.

The added motion controls are only to serve as a gateway to get people to give the game more of a chance. You will see that they won’t be doing swimming with it and it’ll only be used sparingly.


Yes agreed it’s one of best games I’ve played in recent times, even without VR at all. And I wasn’t sure I’d like it because I wasn’t into survival games. I tried DayZ, because I like Arma, and absolutely hated it.


DayZ was corrupted by bad players. From my understanding the mod was great. However the standalone became crap.

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Yeah too randomly ruthless for my liking. Still, Subnautica gave me the survival / crafting / base building bug. From there I tried Conan, then finally NMS after a long period of stalling, and now Valheim. Been doing co-op on these which is something I really wish SN had.

I tried Subnautica VR at the time and it was a horrible experience so I played pancake. Didn’t think about a mod that could fix it at the time. Will install it at some point, and certainly will try the VR mod for Below Zero when I pick it up :+1:t4:


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