Supen #19473 -look forward to your reply

Hi Pimax, @Matthew.Xu

reported an issue with my 5k+ at the beginnig of November. Got a response from Wythe at 26th of Novmeber where i was told to send a video of the issue (connect/disconnect every few seconds). Did so and now i am waiting since the for further response from Pimax.

To be honest, i am a bit disappointed…


Hallo Manfred,

I am currently experiencing the same with # 21,262. No answer after 11 days. It is sad that the support is still not better. Although the employees work very hard. I think there are too many problems and too few employees. I actually wanted to use an upgrade plan for the 8KX but everything I hear and see speaks against it. Unfortunately.

While You’re waiting You can try this:

  • Move to different USB port (try them all, moving existing stuff to other ports)
  • If possible switch to different displayport port
  • If You’re using extension cables, try without them
  • Try removing any unneeded USB peripherals
  • Try some of the tips mentioned under software in the Wiki:
    Table of Contents (Wiki)

Hi @Manfredk2, sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve told Wythe to follow up your ticket asap, thank you.
Merry Christmas!


Thanks for your help. Tried already everything but no luck.


Thanks Matthew, got a mail from Wythe yesterday. Looking forward to solve the problem