Support ticket from Nov not solved - Account deleted

I asked for my 100$ coupon because I downgraded from 8k to 5K+ in Novemeber. I got a confirmation Email from support and the ticket number 19714.

It got never resolved. I wanted to log into the support system to see what happened but there seems to be no account anymore. My email is not registered.

What is going on?

Hello Thoemse,

Can you share us the email address? We will ask the webmaster to track it.
If your email address was registered before, we will help you to back up and return it back to you.



Thank you. I sent my email via private message.


Quorra solved this for me. That was fast.
Yes support went back to china and some don’t like it.
In my case I can only say that was quick and I got the help I needed.
I don’t care where it is being done since the chinese support team speaks english.

Thank you!