SweViver: Desktop view: a misunderstanding?

A little time ago, we were discussing a ‘desktop’ view and now we have what can arguably be called a ‘desktop view’ and I was wondering if that’s what you were referring to?
I was referring to actually seeing your computer ‘desktop’ in PVRHome, not seeing PVRHome on your ‘desktop’, lol!!!
So which one were you referring to?


we just got a PE desktop window which is actually fine i like it being obvious when it’s running and chewing up gpu cycles. but i read it as this is what he had to do to make mouse input work for people without motion controllers or hand tracking.

yes it’s not the feature you and I want in terms of remote desktopping from inside pe, it’s someone elses mouse control feature and im sure lots of simmers are happy to get it.


Totally agreed. It is understandable that for the use of VRmouse feature have a PE window (or fullscreen or varierty of resolutions) on your monitor, no problem because you have your HMD put on (you do not see that window). @SweViver please Add the feature of desktop view inside PE.


Well, the latest implemented feature is basically Mouse interaction and a desktop view of the VR view. So its not really the same thing.
A desktop view we talked about earlier is more of a “Virtual Desktop_” feature where you can interact with the desktop (using mouse/controllers or whatever) and seeing your PC desktop in VR. This is kind of the reverse thing.

But we will implement Virtual Desktop view, its just gonna need more time and we have some more important features to sort out first. there are already so many Virtual Desktop applications availbale for SteamVR, so I dont think a Virtual Desktop is a highest priority right now anyway. I hope you get my point :slight_smile:

Exactly. Some people prefer to have a window view of the PE app, and for mouse interaction it was required for 2 reasons:

  1. to get mouse Y/X axis, it needs application focus
  2. To click anywhere with mouse, you need something to click on (if we grabbed the raw-input from mouse only, you would end up clicking around on icons on your desktop while being in PE in VR; and you wouldnt even know whats happening on your desktop :slight_smile: Im sure there are workarounds for this, but we have to do some more research how we can run a VR mouse mode without need of a window or fullscreen. Its more complicated than expected…

Yep, as mentioned above, it will be added but just needs more time. We will get there, but first a few more important needs to be brought to light, like command line/argument profile system, then online profiles etc…


Lol, thanks for the clarification! I just started thinking, which is always a problem, and started wondering if maybe we had a wire crossed there. :crazy_face: I wasn’t trying to push: all things in good time. :+1: