SweViver's status

I’ll respect @SweViver’s request on Patreon, so I won’t mention any details… I hope you all understand and respect his request. I just wanted to make a quick update, for those of you who have missed him.

He is physically OK, but numerous family and job issues have occurred all at the same time. He is simply overwhelmed by it all. He intends to make more videos, but he needs time to put his life back together.

He has been a major presence on this forum and he feels guilty about his absence and lack of recent videos. He intends to start making videos again. It will likely be slow progress at first, but he “will be back”.

Please join me, in wishing that his situation improves dramatically and quickly.


Hope everything pans out for you Marcin. dont feel pressured to produce more vids, your personal life come 1st.



@SweViver, I wish that everything will work out as quickly as possible. Hold on, man. :crossed_fingers:


@SweViver glad you’re physically ok. Hope everything else sorts itself out. Hang in there! :slight_smile:


@SweViver which you all the best!


hoping that everything will work out quickly for you
thanks to you


@SweViver I Hope everything works out well,just keep safe and well you are a major player in the
Pimax success story,and no doubt you will if you wish be again someday.


I just got some info from @SweViver. He’s doing better and says, “Im fully ready and very excited to do videos again and put my full efforts again… Im extremely excited about the 5k OLED that arrived on Friday…”

I’m relieved to hear that he’s feeling better. :slightly_smiling_face:


great info , thanks for sharing…


Hey lovely friends, I hope you are all doing great!

Im really sorry for taking such a long time off from the forums, my channel and the VR community in general. Life has been rough since around new year, and when everything falls apart simultaneously, its quite difficult to put focus on anything else than the problems around you. To be honest I have barely touched VR since the first days of 2019… Anyways, I think I wont go into any details here, but I just want to share the news with you that I’m slowly getting back on track now, as my situation has settled a lot and things are getting much better in general.

First off, thank you so much for all your kind words and for your nice thoughts about me. It really means a lot to me and I feel honored to be a part of this community. Most of my lovely Patreon supporters are still with me and Im so happy that the VR community, both here on this forum but also on YouTube has not abandoned me after all…

I promise I will now for sure make it up for you, after being away these 3 months. The videos might come slow now in the beginning, but hopefully with no more delays or breaks. Since this weekend Im putting my full efforts testing the 5K BE OLED headset which recently arrived at my door.

So far I have only updated my Patreons with some videos of my initial first impressions of the OLED panels, but Im now slowly working on in-depth testing and will start recording footage for upcoming videos, including first impressions, individual tests and comparisons, and a full 5K BE OLED review of course.

Initially, the 5K BE will be my main priority but I will also spend a lot of time to analyse the Brainwarp, FFR, refreshrates etc for upcoming videos and live streams. Im currently in contact with @anon23564932 and basically the whole Pimax team, and I really look forward to all the news coming up this spring!

While I may spend a lot of my time on the OLED and tests in general, I will make sure to visit the forums every day for some discussions and analysis. I see I have a lot of interesting posts and threads to catch up, and I have already started reading them since yesterday.

Im really excited about being back, and its a lot thanks to you guys! :slight_smile:

Much Love


Take your time! Happy you’re getting back on track bro :heart:

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Awesome to hear things are starting to look up.

Agreed take your time & maintain balance. Just glad to see you back & hope good fortune continues to find you moving forward. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hope it’s not depression, been there and done that… Hope your well x


No, it’s not depression, which would actually be understandable, given the situation. A number of family issues and personal safety concerns (job-related) have combined to overwhelm him and have required his full focus.

Things have improved.

@SweViver has recently posted a couple of videos to Patreon. If you really want to know what’s going on, you can become a Patreon and read his comments and watch his Patreon-exclusive videos: https://www.patreon.com/sweviver It’s understandable, but some of his Patreons have stopped supporting him, due to his continued absence. To his credit, he actually recommended that anyone who felt like they could no longer support him, should discontinue their support. To his Patreons’ credit, most have stuck by him. On a personal note, I increased my pledge, to help make up (in a small way) for his lost pledges and help him through his difficulties.

He’s asked to keep this info confidential (not to increase his Patreon or followers), but because these are private matters and he feels guilty for his long absence.


Thank you for this information


Great to see you back, Martin! I’m sure you have many fans and supporters like myself that you’re not even aware of. Your videos assisted and eventually cemented my decision to blow a cool $1K+ on a cool 5K+ :smile: Sorry to hear of the problems life has thrown your way. I love your positive attitude and look forward to hearing and seeing more of you!


It’s great that you came back and hold on, man.


Thanks for sharing information. :+1:


Good to have you back! As others said, no pressure, when you need break, just take it.


It’s great to have you back man! But don’t make it up too hard for the time that was important to you. Thats your private matter and that should be everybodys privilege. You don’t owe anybody and your attitude was always very generous and selfsacrificial (if this is even a word).
Happy you’re doing better.