Switching between parallel projections: the LED bar does not flash anymore

Hello guys!

I saw an issue since the two lastest firmwares: when switching between parallel projections the LED bar does not blink, but I can confirm that the mode has been established since the game no longer looks double (tested with Serious Sam Fusion). I can make the LED bar blink if I keep the parallel projections mode and restart the HMD but I cannot remove that blinking state when I uncheck the option until I restart the HMD again.

That is to say, the parallel projection works but it is not shown in the led bar in real time, you always need to restart the headset or PiTool for it to change the led state. Same for the power led, it doesn’t switch to purple until I restart PiTool if I check the PP and click Apply.


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The top power led should iirc have a purplish color with pp on.

Not sure what might have caused it to no longer blink. Is it off? If so don’t remember but they may have added an option to turn off lightbar as some requested it. Check settings.

Other wisevmaybe manually reflashing the firmware might also restore it.

The light is not off, it’s the normal blue color. It just doesn’t change in real time when you tick Parallel Projections in PiTool or VR Experience. You need to reboot the HMD or PiTool for it to change to blinking purple.
After that it doesn’t return blue when you untick PP, you also need to reboot for it to become normal again.

The PP is working but the leds are not changing in real time like before. I suspect the new version of PiTool or the new version of the firmware is culprit.

I also already reflashed the firmware, multiple times, and resinstalled PiTool as well (clean install).

PS: Is it possible to download the lastest firmware ( for 5k+ so I can test the flashing with this one?

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@playa has a repo of just about all pimax software and firmware releases.

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I just tried 2 firmwares, by manually install them:

  • Old version (269), it seems the issue was already present with this version
  • Current version (273), the issue is still present

Don’t know if it’s only for 5k+ headsets, but I saw someone on the forum having the same issue with his 5k+ since the 2 lastest firmwares/PiTool.

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