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Pimax 8K

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Pimax 5K+
Pimax 5K-BE/XR (OLED)

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Pimax 4K (LCD) & BE (OLED)
Samsung Odyssey+ (SO+/OD+)

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TroubleShooting Solutions: Possible

Pitool Error Codes PDF 03/19 - Heliosurge Gdrive

Software Solutions

Understanding IPD setup & Stereo Overlap

Basestation/lighthouse related

Oculus Related Fixes

Game Specific Fixes

Solutions (+ misc info) for Technically Skilled / Power users


Hardware/Other Solutions

Games & Related Info:

Game Compilations
Elite Dangerous (ED)

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6DOF Alternatives - No Lighthouses


  • Youtube Video
  • Free Kinect VR Driver


  • Low Cost easy configuration manager
  • Psmove (freepie)
  • Leap Motion
  • Kinect

NoloVR 4k 5k 8k - By @park

Community & Other Info:

Community Group Channels

Discord Link (TBA)
Reddit Link (TBA)
FaceBook Link (TBA)
Steam Link (TBS)
Contact for developers

Community Contributions and KS Specific Information
Pimax 8K/5K mods


VR lens/glasses frame

Face Cushion

Other Comfort Mods

Suggestions for Pimax
[FAQ] Getting Started 5k & 8k
5k+ coming tomorrow, Steps to setup?
Wiki or website with Pittool, SteamVR settings for each game?
Pimax 5k & 8k Directory
(unresponsive): Star Trek Bridge Crew
How to solve "Disconnect" or "Not tracked" of headset, base station, controller randomly, image follow head although not use base station. (PiTool 91)
Stuck in red blue green light
[Replied]Pimax HMD Help section?
[Resolved]Headset recognized, but not controllers or lighthouses
[RESOLVED] Not tracked EVERYTIME I restart my PC
Pitool & Changelog Download
A possible method to increase clarity and remove blur?
Pimax IPD Image method 0.1. Don’t use “FAR IPD”, need “NEAR IPD”
[Replied]Tracking issues
I see slight delay in motion when I turn my head very quickly (5k+)
Problems with Pimax 5k
New Pitool (beta) is available now
[Resolved]Place your helmet in the visible position of the base station
Backer #5183 Germany, got my 5k+ Today. Question
[Replied]Pimax 5k+ stuck in standby
[Resolved]Pavlov VR and others showing images WAY off
[Solved, bad power adapter]Received 5k+ Headset Will Not Turn On
[Replied]Pimax 5k+ stuck in standby
Pimax keeps deleting my account
[kickstarter Pimax 5k+] noticing some distortions. Is it normal that my 5k is referenced as 'Model : P2'?
I can't run creed, batman and hellblade
[FAQ] Getting Started 5k & 8k
Pimax power Led color list and explanation
Vive Base Station Help (i do not understand)
[RESOLVED]Pimax 5K+ diagnose 10600 displayport not detected
Question about IPD readings to my fellow Pimax-owners, Support wont answer
Don't we have a PITool Update this Friday (December 13th)? [UPDATE: released]
[Resolved] Pimax 5k stuck in firmware ugrade please help me
[Resolved]Embarassment of a VR Headset (Pitool never works)
Vive Lighthouse troubles
Pitool 109 has a virus when trying to install?
[Updated] 8K Arrived Monday 25th Feb 2019, it's not plug and play but after tweaking it's amazing
5K+ received and
Improve pimax image
Supen #19473 -look forward to your reply
Pitool Trouble Codes
*** Thanks and congrats Pimax team ! ***
How to exceed the maximum resolution of 4096px imposed by SteamVR
New pitool is up! Install new Nvidia drivers first!
5k+ first impressions (no prior VR experience)
Headset and controllers not tracked!
Help to reset horizontal view
Pimax Banner Topic (Downloads and Useful Links)
Flashed old firmware to 204 - bricked?
Pimax 5k+, what does it mean ss=1? Why so many pixels?
Vive DAS Adapter CAD
5K+ only tracks when admin?
How to start and trouble shooting FAQ?
[ Resolved ] Received 8K today, keeps disconnecting

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