Taking An Early Look At The Line And Using Oculus Quest's Native Hand Tracking To Play It!

Today I am jumping back into the Oculus Quest to check out the upcoming narrative VR experience The Line from Arvore Studios. I have to say I love these types of VR experiences and The Line was amazing!

For the longest time I have been fascinated by miniatures and especially seeing them in Virtual Reality. I am happy to say that Arvore has taken this genre and fused it with a good narrative story and just enough interaction to create a magical experience on the Oculus Quest.

The Line can be experienced in either Room Scale or Seated modes. For this video I unfortunately had to opt for the seated mode as the game really makes good use of the entire 2.5 x 2 meter play space it requires and my green screen area is far short of that. Of the two modes I enjoyed the room scale better as I felt more immersed in the world that way but I will say the seated was still a great experience as well!

Overall I very much enjoyed The Line and would recommend it to anyone who loves miniatures in VR or cinematic story driven experiences that don’t require a lot of interaction… The price will be $4.99 and you can also purchase it in a bundle with Gloomy Eyes after launch! So be sure to grab a copy when the game releases on 5/28/2020 from the link below:

Oculus Store:


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