Tech Talk #13 : Project Iris

Dear all,

Many companies are making effort to engage with Virtual/Augmented reality sooner rather than later like Meta, Microsoft, Apple and others.

The search giant has begun ramping up work on an AR headset, internally codenamed Project Iris.

We are of course referring to Google, they notoriously flopped nearly a decade ago with Google Glass, but this time around the tech giant is doing its best to enter fray.

From the blogspot, we knew they are planning to test AR prototypes in the real world starting next month.
The main features that will be tested are “translation, transcription and navigation”

Most pundits expect Google to release this model around 2024, it may have a long way to go.

What features would you want to see on this model when it is ready?

Will this usher in a new era altogether?


To be honest. Pimax needs to scale back doing extra projects as it takes resources away from other areas where it is needed to refine user xp.

With AR while it is very likely extremely expensive at this time. Mojo vision is really showing and shaping AR in ways ppl would have thought were Science fiction.

Now that is really an " Iris" AR device.


AR must have angular resolution and FOV comparable to Pimax Vision 8kX or better, while being as lightweight as eyeglasses. I expect much other technology will displace the need for AR before that happens.

Myself, I would be more comfortable living more in VR anyway.

One thing that would be nice is for VR headsets to have cameras for basic AR, just to find my chair to transition from keyboard/mouse to roomscale for GravitySketch/etc CAD and such.


What Google has long had, is a headstart in the form of Google Earth, and the long list of third parties that depend on both it and other Google services – foundation and layers all ready for adaptation. Their work on image recognition should also have potential in the context.

Personally I’m still bearish on AR, though… :7


Let’s not forget additions like google lens thst can actively translate labels.