Tech Talk #9 : Your Best VR Moment

Dear community,

Today we will be more leisure and chill in Tech Talk Ep 9!

Among all VR games and softwares, what is your memorable moment?

Is it ending a game 13 years later at the exact same spot in Half-Life Alyx by Valve?

Learning how to replace a magazine in Pavlov?And your teammate shouted at you since the enemies were approaching!

Everything gone wrong while playing Hand Simulator with your mates!

Pick up with the customers in the Bar Simulator!

Enjoying the adrenaline feel in those SimRacing , the breathtaking scenario while driving Cub Crafter X Cub in MSFS2020.

Feel free to leave a comment or share a screenshot of your best VR moment!

Your Pimax Team

The first thing that comes to mind was my very first experience with VR. It was Oculus First Contact with my new Oculus Rift CV1 in… 2016, I think?

There was a particular moment. It wasn’t part of the guided tour they take you through. Rather it was part of the environment. It was an old school VCR in the trailer. I tried to push a button on it, expecting nothing to happen.

It ejected a tape which started to fall, and I caught it.

That was the exact moment that I realized what VR was all about and the profound impact it was going to have on the world.

It had provoked my natural real world reflexes, and I had caught a figment of a computer’s imagination in my hand.

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One of my first experiences, Half life 1 vr on cellphone (Xash3dvr), cardboard and joypad, it was amasing again. Everything was 10x better then flat.
And then in next level was Zen world, and I had to jump from platform to platform; that was really callenging, I hat to sit down while playing :slight_smile:

Very next week I bought oculus rift cv1 :slight_smile:

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One of my best was likewise on a cell phone. I had the Gear VR Note 4 Innovator edition. One day, I felt like watching a movie. The Force Awakens had just released on digital, so I got the idea “why not wire the Gear VRs headphone jack into my 5.1 surround setup?” So, I popped the popcorn, sat in my pleather recliner, and with the smell of buttered popcorn hanging in the air, started the movie in Oculus Cinema piped through the sound system.

All of these things, the feel of the chair, the smell of the popcorn, and the 5.1 surround in the real world was an instant presence inducing and presence multiplying moment that held for a while. I wrote about it on reddit Oculus right after in fact.

And this is with mobile phone VR that only ran at 60hz, (way below the threshold of 90hz everyone was sure you need.)

By far the most amazing VR experience I have had to date.

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It’s easy for one’s first moment in VR to be that #1 magical experience which trumps all others and sends you into that rabbit hole of the hobby and chasing higher and higher peaks to recreate that truly special moment of first donning the HMD. But while my first time in VR is still definitely one of my best and most memorable moments, it’s not my #1

I was constantly chasing more and more for the VR experience, which was difficult given I was on a more limited budget so most of my spare money went to the hobby or I sold some old figures I didn’t need anymore for it. But eventually, the stars aligned and I managed to get some amazing deals which left me with a Kat Walk C, Bhaptics vest, gunstock, and the trusty Pimax.

And when all of those came together in a game of Pavlov, where I was physically running over a large map, had the weight of my gun in my hands, and could aim it like a real one with the stock, felt the recoil and kick of it braced against my shoulder with every shot due to my vest, and totally lost the feeling of binocular vision alongside the good clarity of the 8k X?

I was more there than I had ever been in VR before, even more so than the first time I tried it. I was somebody who always felt like I was sort of ‘missing’ something as while I enjoyed VR games a lot, way more than flatscreen gaming now, I never truly felt like I was able to lose myself in the immersion. There was always that feeling at the back of my head it was just a game, which even my first time in VR sort of had due to the hideous SDE of the HTC Vive.

The moment it all really clicked for me was when I had to help somebody across the map and my first thought was “man, that’s a long distance to go.” But it wasn’t in the way where you wondered if you would make it in time because you can only move so fast with your thumbsticks, it was in the same way I’d think about any distance in real life I had to actually walk and how sprinting over to it would take some real energy, especially when suited up in a bulky haptic vest with a gunstock slung over my shoulder adding to the feeling of wearing heavier gear like a soldier would. It’s a ridiculously expensive setup few will have, and yet even with the early adopter compromises these had, the fact the bhaptics vest is just some vibrating motors when you get down to it and I didn’t feel the kick all over my arm, the Kat Walk C not being a perfectly natural walk and only possible to walk forward with it, how it was all clearly imperfect early generation tech, but, when it was all together? The experience was greater than the sum of its parts and I felt like I saw a glimpse of where VR could be in a decade or so when stuff like this becomes cheaper and more accessible, more accurate and true to life.

And boy it excites me.


a few…

in 2014 experiencing vr for the 1st time with a DK2, an oculus experience app and elite dangerous, half life vr in ravensholm with the zombies and a nintendo wii gun which i’d cobbled together with some script to allow use of it in half life trying to do 6dof with 1 tracking camera lol (it didn’t work very well but the experience was great at the time).

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My best VR moment is the first time I put the 8KX on my head and jump into the half-life world.

That’s why I decided to join Pimax Team.


I’d already played Alyx through to the end years before having an 8KX. I don’t replay games that I’ve finished.

But I decided to try just the beginning of Alyx again just to see what it looked like on the 8KX. I was blown away by how much it seemed real.

And then I couldn’t stop playing. I beat the game a second time, and I’ve never replayed a game all the way through before in my life. It was so compelling on the 8KX compared to my original playthrough that it was a new experience all over again.


Yeh i would rank alyx with an 8kx as up there in my best experiences too.

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A moment in the AirCar remains unforgettable. (8kx) Played standing up and took a step, out of the Cockpit to the side. Brain and stomach actually thought I was falling hundreds of feet.
And that after almost 3 years in DCS with VR. :see_no_evil: :joy: :joy:


My best VR moment came after 2 hours of having a recreational medicine. :wink:

The video was the same video I downloaded, but I felt like I was actually there, looking at the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen up close and personal.