TESTED HTC Cosmos Review



Dead on arrival. I don’t think many people will buy this. There’s really nothing this headset excels at, does nothing better than its competition, and it just has so many flaws…


Can’t win.

Why is the controller tracking soo bad & would the external tracking module even be needed to get SteamVR Tracking working?

Whew, I was afraid my OG Vive that I bought for the Pimax off of ebay, was going to lose alot of value in light of the cosmos.

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I still have my OG Vive. It’s doing absolutely NOTHING. Honestly I’m just too hyped for my 8KX to do any more VR.

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i have not written the cosmos off yet as there could be mods available

Waiting for someone to gear lens mod the cosmos
The display is good according to reviews

Fov - use thin cushion to get a better fov
controllers -use controllers paired to og-vive may work
Wireless available