Tested: VR Simulator Cockpit Rig Build

I like Norm as a presenter.


i have this and motion v3 and tracktions. its amazing :grinning:


No doubt, I’m in trouble I need to finish my sim rig before Star Wars and have made no progress only a week left. I have nowhere to put my HOTAS!

My primary goal is to replicate @DrWilken 's captains chair.

Does anyone actually have their joystick mounted so low. I tried it and it feels like carpal tunnel waiting to happen. You just don’t have the correct range of motion.

I find that having the joystick raised slightly allows you to make most of the movements with your shoulder and elbow, much more ergonomic.


I’ve mounted my HOTAS joystick so that the bottom of the hand grip is about the same height as the top of my chair’s armrest. This works very well for me. The HOTAS is actually mounted to my chair while gaming, with a quick release mechanism, so that I only have them mounted when I’m using them. It was a little pricy, but I really like this solution.



Ouch thats very pricey for a couple of pieces of 8020

I like the center mount though might be perfect for Squadrons


True, but it was simple and I got custom base plates and 2 quick release sets, so yeah, I paid a lot for the convenience. Also, they only offer 1 choice for (expensive) delivery which added considerably to the total bill. It actually cost more than my HOTAS did, but imo it was worth it. I really like the setup for Elite D. (And of course it was way less expensive than some of the cockpit setups I’ve seen.)

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Yeah, if these guys used Amazon i think they could make a killing.

I actually have a place near me where I buy 8020 super cheap, so this gives me ideas


if you see the actual price using their shopping cart. you will see the markup on those monstertechs is criminal


I’m willing to pay extra for the convenience and the German engineering (of the chair mounts and addons) and that doesn’t come cheap. :smiley:

Consider this: How are you going to mount those pieces to your chair?


lol… i would say that too if I just over paid for something :slight_smile:


True, but the cost was minimal, compared to many of my computer purchases. It was less than the cost of my CPU, less than my 4K monitor, 1/3rd the cost of my graphics card, and way less than my VR equipment: 8K, 8KX, 2 base stations, and Index controllers.

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omg you want to see the total opposite of German Engineering?

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I’ve had my HOTAS unused for longer than I’d like to admit. The SWS announcement got me to finally decide on a mounting solution, as that was a big part of why I never committed to a solution.

I recently came across someone’s brackets/solution on thingiverse, and used the arms from a dual monitor bracket. I mounted these to my racing sim rig, so I needed a way to move the HOTAS/brackets out of the way.


monstertech are known for monsterprices :joy:
This stick table mounts, you can build for 30%.


I really enjoy my centre mounted HOTAS stick. Nearly every aircraft I fly has centre mounted stick so a right side stick would drive me mad.
It means I have to swap out the HOTAS and my driving setup each time I switch but it’s definitely worth it. I have good rudder pedals and good car pedals that would always need switching over anyway. It’s not much more effort to swap the stick and rudder over for steering wheel and gearbox.


id love to see pictures, im having a hard time visualizing that.

Will the monitor arms be strong enough to take your movements?

how did you end up center mounting? any pics?

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So I got this old basic coffee table:

and i had this old coffee table to with storage boxes at each end that i took the legs off of:

so i flipped it upside down, put it on the first coffee table, attached my wheel and that’s my racing mount :

Not pretty but free. :grinning:


haha awesome, we should make a dedicated thread for this kind of gallery

With bits of cheap wood from the hardware store. It’s another ‘not pretty but works brilliantly’ setup.

image image

Then used a store bought rig for car sim which secures to the base with slide in bolts (no threads). Takes 2 minutes to change over.

Edit: Sorry photos came out sideways.

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I do plan on adding an attachment to the arm rest to keep in in place(going to try a magnet system first), so that I can position them without having to over tighten the joints. Do note that I had to make 3D printed knobs(and replace the included bolts) so that I can easily tension the joints.

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Same here, I mostly play IL2 BoX.

I just mount my x56 hotas to a motorised desk with bluetack along the corners and edges of the throttle and set the elevation to a comfy level.

Works suprisingly well even when throttle is at max stiffness.
I can’t get haptic feedback to my rudder pedals and hotas though only my rump :cry:

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