The Best VR Games to Look Forward to!

I think this is the top list of VR games to look most forward to! :slight_smile:


Out: Sept 4th

The Walking Dead Onslaught:

Out: Sep 29th

Star Wars Squadrons:

Out: Oct 2nd

Medal of Honor VR

Out: TBD

Undead Citadel:

Out: Q3 2020


Out: Late 2020

What games are you guys excited about?


Adding Project Cars 3 when the bugs are fixed, but yeah, the games you mentioned I’m waiting for also.

Didn’t know much about Undead Citadel, looks cool.

Stride doesn’t seem to have a campaign, so I’d probably wait for that one. Skeptical about LowFi’s campaign too.

I saw Sony plans to port more first party Playstation games to PC, so that makes me hope we see some PSVR exclusives come over to PC VR