The Forest ALMOST works without PP

The Forest ALMOST works without PP

@Doman.Chen @PimaxUSA can someone from pimax please reach out to end night games about The Forest? it’s great game but they use a fog effect over water that renders wrong without PP, and enabling PP makes the game too blurry to play with the best my GTX1080 can do so I find myself just playing with one eye closed near the shore.

it would be great if pimax could help them fix that effect (or convince them to add a toggle for it) so the game can be fully functional without using the expensive PP compatibility mode (i’ve already posted on their steam forum for bug reports)

thank you!


Agree with you, but I would not be so hyped about any future changes by Endnight games in this game. They don´t have a good community feedback and they´re making all efforts now to launch the sequel of The Forest, named Sons of the Forest.

Moreover, I think Pimax have its big fraction of responsability in this huge performance lost when we need to use PP. I saw in this forum in last months many suggestions that would decrease the perfomance lost due to PP with clever methods. I think its time to Pimax start efforts to bring us updates and innovations in PP method. Its simplier and more plausible to all of us tolerate a minimal performance lost in some games with better PP methods instead of every company change its games codes to adapt it exclusively for Pimax canted screens.


FYI I found a work around for this:

enable cheats from the main options, then enable developer mode at the main menu by typing ‘developermodeon’ then F1 to test that the console shows, then when in game press F1 and type ‘allowsunshine off’ then enter, offending fog is gone!