The "MAS" audio strap seems really bad

Not to say it won’t be good in terms of audio quality, but in my preference I need on-ear headphones for immersion and to ensure I have private audio.
The index is forgivable enough since it is floating an inch away, although still that it too much. However, this monstrosity sits a good 3-5 inches above from your ear, pointing down at it? image
(Pictured: SweViver wearing “The Clamp” as I like to call it)

That design looks extremely dubious for what I want in an audio solution and a completely different headstrap design than pimax originally announced, so I sincerely hope that the “high end” add-on is 1) not expensive and 2) available as the head strap releases, as I don’t have any headphones with short cords that won’t dangle around and get in the way when I play VR, so I need over-the-ear audio, please. The DAS adaptor is fine and all, but unofficial gear can only be so comfortable on the head.


Time will tell how the audio is but with Comfort it looks fine. Martin probably have a small head, if you have larger head then the speakers will be lower :slight_smile:

If you have a Vive and a p4k you’re in luck haha

Which probably works better too


Lol the Frankenpimax works good, but like I said, getto gear can only fit so comfortably.

They announced optional „high-end“ OnEars right away, didn‘t they? Well, then you know what to expect from the default audio…

But they are not alone: as good a concept the Quest is, its audio is abysmal. I then bought the InEars from Oculus, and guess what - they are embarassingly bad for their price, too. Simply no bass. I then tried my old InEars from Apple and they deliver a much richer sound.

Hopefully Pimax allow users to connect their own choice audio solution to the MAS…

They said that they would announce it “soon” but gave us no indication if they would be available to have as soon as the rigid headstrap came out.

Did they mention an on-ear set will be available? It would be great if they could offer a high end option. Imagine if they teamed up with a well known brand and made custom mounts

They said the MAS can use your own audio solution if you wanted (headphones).

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Yes but then cable length becomes an issue, as with headphones the cable can drape and get in the way

black zip ties or velcro strips?

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This is what the MAS needs. Im not paying $1300 for rift S audio


It should be quite easy to design and 3d print own “amazing” sound kit. Ofcourse you need to first buy sennheiser headphones.
But you can have even better SQ if you buy more expensive model .

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But would they be good enough for your dubstep collection? An intergrated headphone amp would be great :smile:

To be honest I dont care about integrated audio soultions .Before my VR era I was quite advanced audiophile and still have this audiophile set connected to my PC . Healed myself thanks to less expensive vr hobby :slight_smile:

BTW : Nice try with dubstep collection…


After all your years buying audio gear what headphones do you use now? Do you run a headphone amp?

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I use a wireless audio headset. No cords and it works well. It’s a “Corsair Gaming VOID PRO RGB Wireless Premium Gaming Headset”.


yes, my Sennheizer HD 800 headphones are connected to Chinese Little Dot mk4 se Tubeamp + mTech Young DSD DAC + low jitter audiophile USB Card ( PPA Audio mk 3 )and 2x seperate linear PSU - Tomanek

a bit messy corner of my deck

Edit I have also Sennheizer Momentum mk2 wireless headphones for room scale - quite ok but not even close powerfull to the HD 800


Wow This is great instead because i have a HIGH END headphone.

So for me is an interesting option.

This MAS looks like a very bad design flaw,there be alot of mic bleed with those speakers…

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I’ll give the headphones a try, but if the Pimax ones are no good, I’ll keep using my current ones. I like the idea of having my ears uncovered, since that will reduce the foam “insulation” on my head, so I’d sweat less in the Summer. Personally, I prefer ear-buds for that reason.

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