The most practical vr player must have software最实用的vr玩家必备软件

The most practical vr player must have software最实用的vr玩家必备软件

The most practical vr player must have software
First, FPSVR can observe the number of frames in the game, as well as the video card occupation, and then adjust the overdraft according to the situation
Note: my documents are accompanied with pictures, which can only be visible when logging in the computer qq

  1. Download from the steam store and set it to launch with the game. Turn your wrist to display the FPS data in the game
  2. Right click on the icon steamvr at the bottom right corner of the desktop, click “set” to see the following image, and click 123 in the order

Second, turnsignal, you can observe the loop of the cable in the game, and then reverse the loop, to avoid the cable around the neck

  1. Download from the steam store and set it to launch with the game. The specific setting method is the same as in FPSVR
    2, this software with vr cable receiver, will play a good effect, cable receiver online purchase, 10 yuan several, and then pull the rope, or buy a shelf, 100 yuan that can be

Third, openvr-inputemulator, which can let your palm stretch out infinitely, is suitable for players who can’t reach too far in a small room

  1. Some vr games require a large space, but your room is small, so you can’t touch the objects that are too far away. This software can help you solve the problem
    2, can also be set with the computer startup, the specific use method, need to enter the vr game, and then click the handle window key, can be found in the set desktop size, the specific setting method to explore, it is very simple, divided into helmet, left hand side, right hand handle three options





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