The new ID of the Pimax controllers

Hi Futurists,

As promised, here is the new ID of the controllers:

The ID is designed for new controller prototypes. To make the prototypes compatible with all Steam and Oculus content, we have included the grip button, menu button, system button, and trigger. When the prototype finished (estimated in Q3), you can test with real workable units and we can improve based on your feedback.

Taken all your feedback into consideration, we have incorporated the thoughts into our new design, so we can create the controllers that meet your expectations. Controller suggestions from the community: Controller suggestions from the community

We are looking to make a super comfortable controller with all fingers tracked. You do not need to hold it, you can relax in the games with your hands open, grab objects when close your hands, and release hands to throw objects naturally. There are sensors over the grip button. The controller tracks all your fingers while you hold it, and you can squeeze further with the grip button as well.

Just like the headsets, the controllers will be tested carefully before sending out. The hardware implemented in the controllers will be updated with new software versions.

You can find a family photo below of all the past models (3D printed) through all the iterations, we are trying to find the best fit for a complete and immersive VR experience, while adding some innovations to the new design. It is not easy to find the balance and meet all the expectations, but we are confident to make the best possible solution together with the input from you, the mavens of immersive experience.

For controller backers - We understand some of you are swaying between thumbstick and trackpad. You will still have a chance to switch your option when the controller prototype comes out.

We will announce here when we are about to prepare the mass production of the controllers.


The Pimax Team

[EDIT 0427]


Nice work! :slight_smile: The video is a good look into the ergonomics of the design.
The sensor “shroud” gives it a unique look.


So the thumbstick version has an extra button over the track pad?

Makes it a very one sided decision for me.

This is mother***ing great design! Keep it up!

…but…IMO the inner part of arcs can be affected/broken by moving hands.
Please, print a pair and make a quasi playtest of interactions, like archery, weapon switching, juggling, boxing etc.


Oculus touch style on steroids, it is building on the best controller on the market today. I love it great design.


wow…I absolutely love this!

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@anon23564932 that looks like a really good design and I appreciate the video st the end, it helped to put things in perspective.

Question though, what does the large perpendicular ring do? Is it just for aesthetics?

I wonder how well this will work when you are trying to get the 2 controllers close to each other. Like when you are aiming a gun in VR


This is the tracking contour.


My guess would be that it is for extra tracking

hand tracking, like the oculus touch.

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Very Happy to wait; Good job on this one :grinning: Great design! Thumbs up!

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This looks pretty descent. Great job guys!

Sry might be the only one but i think that large ring will be more an issue than a solution.
Looks very big and can see myself having problems when using stock gun or having to grab something/itch/adjust headset.
Is it the definitive design or still prototype ?
A part from that i think its pretty decent, thanks for the update


From my humble opinion the pimax knuckles should be as similar as possible to the valve knuckles for the greatest possible compatibility now that we know that they will have an interchangeable module between jostick and tradpad.
Pimax consider again the option of having an interchangeable module.


Wonderful design!
The “halo” of the Touch controller of Oculus saved my fingers more than a time in my little room… i love this thing, make them stronger as possible… :slight_smile:
May we hope they will have a standard AA (rechargeable) battery so we can be “always” in action changing them (like Oculus do) instead waiting the cable recharge of Vive?
Love the blue led and “Cylon” design… nice work! :wink:


@DKruohuo Any chance we can get a demo vid using the controllers anytime soon? :wink:

Yes, a very interesting question with the batteries.
What will all the same be inside?
I vote for AA [as in Oculus touchs] Moreover, the shape of the handle reminds them :slight_smile: :+1:

Well, it looks good, like a work of art :ok_hand:
It looks like it will be the most killer controllers, it seems, this is what we need …:heart_eyes:


God dam this is a gorgeous looking controller. Interesting that you moved the tracking to an outside loop and separated from the hand gripping part.

I was not originally signed up to get any additional pieces but I will be getting a set of these for sure when they get commercial release

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verry nice !!! keep it up