The Pimax 5K Plus from a VR Sim racer's perspective

Just saw this honest Pimax review on youtube. Some points he mentions are worth noting for Pimax.

a 3:30 I’m pretty sure he may have given out some false information regarding Hidden Area Mask though

also more distortion discussion. :yawning_face:

important thing he does not mention is the effect you will have about feeling of speed increasing the immersion when having wider fov, might be its because of it feels kind of natural but it adds massively to immersion
things in peripheral vision go by much faster giving you a much better impression of reality aka immersion

the thing mostly not mentioned is the warping effect close the lenses edge and that’s not about the outer edge, i’m talking about the stereo overlap area , left and right eye get a different picture and at least my brain feels violated by that, there is nothing like that with the original vive and even when lens modded with gear vr lenses, things near the edge of the lense are the same as in center of vision, no warping

he is not as analytical as other youtubers but he still feels like if the performance and pp works out (no problems with content of left and right eye) its worth even if there are some shortcomings in contrasts, color and black (you get used to it if you dont swap around with oled’s), main (unspoken) reason is the increased immersion of wider fov and “speeding effect” of that wider fov (its not 200° but its good enough do add a significant amount of immersion)

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Sounds like your talking about Pupil Swim I actually don’t see it on my 5k+ or 8KX could be production variance or personal.

would that not distort the image in general? also its happening when i look straight and move my head

I actually see that effect you describe on the PSVR. You only notice it when you look at something then move your head.

its like the geometry is not a fixed shape