The Pimax Controller's first post!

Sword Sense Update!**
September 22nd, 2020

Good News! We have hit another important milestone in the development of the Sword controller and we have reached the final development stage.

We are currently testing all the design elements which include stress and other tests for the housings, PCB, electrical components and more.

Here are some images of a recent sample

image image

Here are some additional details:(expect more to come)

1.Illuminated Status Indicator

2.High quality textured rubberized finish

3.26 sensors with 360 degrees movement coverage. No dead angles and maximum signal strength

4.Elastic Strap design:Ensures you can easily hold onto the controller at all times.

5.Replaceable Battery:Swap batteries fast for unlimited use.

In addition, the design allows us to upgrade the firmware and add many new refinements and capabilities over time.

Strict design requirements for quality is our engineering team’s top priority.

Our development team is well aware of the urgency for the Sword Controller project and thousands of man hours have already been invested into this project. The team is working long hours 7 days a week to bring this project to life.

We would like to thank our customers for their feedback and patience and of course a big shoutout to our Sword Controller engineering team who are completely focused the rapid release of this amazing new device!


Your Pimax Team


Hi! Thx for the update!. Comparing to it looks the same from the outside to me. So there must be many improvements on the inside as the linked announcement is from May 06, 2019.

What about the version with the joystick?

Did I miss something and there will be only this version (with trackpad only) available?


You’re so professional. This is a trackpad style controller, and joystick style controllers are also coming out.

what do you mean by that? :thinking:

Great ! Look forward to upcoming news!


Would these fiction the same as index controllers? Detecting finger position etc? Is there a more detailed description of these somewhere?

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That is what he is referring to with

@Miracle Right? And what about joystick version?

You mean the senseless one?

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The professional is to praise you know a lot, the joystick version will be released later, this is sure, the first to assemble the trackpad controller first put out the message, because everyone has been waiting for a long time, need to get some controller information.

There supposed to be two versions, with cap sensing (Sword & Sense controllers) and without (Swrd controllers) . And for both there were versions with only a trackpad ( lie in the image provided by @Miracle) and version with small trackpad next to joystick (like in the image postetd by me) - more index style and prefered by many (including me).

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Thank you for clearing. But no, no professional at all :sweat_smile:
I am glad Pimax will still offer both designs! :clap:


Will the ring hit the headset when shooting the arrow?


Now that Pimax offered refund for controllers (which I did) 23 days ago, after 3 years of waiting we get an serious update.

“Hey if you are tired of waiting we can refund you the controllers!”
3 weeks later : “Controllers update, this is the good one, they are almost done”


Hell ya! I’m glad you are completing trackpad version first. Trackpad is the future and I’ve never had to worry about stick drift when using it. Now I’m hoping the finger tracking and the trackpad will work just as well as the index ones.


be happy, you can now take part in the next big preorder competition. the first to order will be delivered first. be happy.


Is VRG0 helping with the sense version?

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Did someone try to shoot bow and arrow in vr or even a pistol with both hands during these thousands of hours? Are you sure the big rings of the controllers do not easily collide with each other or the headset when bringing your hands together?

I just want to say the Index controllers might have a good reason for using only a part of a ring.

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These look great, I’m a fan of having the battery removable. I’d prefer thumbsticks, but the build quality does look nice here.

yea devils advocate, pimax gave the same impression about their controllers during the kickstarter 3 years ago.

So far this year 8KX, Hand Tracking Module, Eye Tracking Module, Modular Audio Strap all released and shipping in volume. All were major projects. Next shipping items KDMAS and DMAS.

Most of the engineering team is focused on the controllers with a couple of smaller teams working on various refinements.

If you think about it in an extremely difficult year with CV19 we will have released and produced in volume: The 8KX, HT Module, ET Module, SMAS, KDMAS, DMAS and the Sword and Sword Sense controllers.