The Reason Why Fresnel Lenses Are Used In Current VR HMD Generation

Today I found a realy nice post that covers many things just couldn’t not to share this amazing info especially considering some issues I have with Vive OEM lenses & with mods like GearVR mod + I ordered Nintendo Labo lenses just to try it out.

The post:

If somebody interested here is Labo mod (it’s actually a raw alpha but I found it interesting): -


Since the lenses on the Pimax are swapable, I wonder if there would not be a market for a higher quality then standard lens.
Depending on cost and improvement I could imagine that quite a few people would opt in on that.


The glass window/panel that pimax has beneath the lens makes it impossible to try a non fresnel lens like the gear lens that has a large convex shape, maybe the glass panel could be removed to accommodate them.

I rather thought about a professional made lense either by pimax itself or a third parties professional.
I wonder, if they have calculated out the lense how much more is it then to have a larger volume of higher quality lenses to be made…

XTal the most expensive HMD dont use fresnell lenses, so that guy just say lie!

I have been using the vive pro for more than a year with aspherical lenses from Samsung Gear … and they are simply fantastic … the fresnell sucks

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