The second round pre-order is coming up

Hi Enthusiasts, there were more traffic to our pre-order page than we expected, thanks a lot for your support!

To better handle and process the orders we have already received, we have closed the first round of the pre-order for now.

The team is lack of experience with the website constructions, we will pull more resources to improve the website.

We have contacted several external experts to help us to fix the website, the second round of the pre-order is coming up!

Sign up here if you haven’t done that yet:

We will inform you the status via email within 3 days.


Personally I think that’s for the best.

Good to hear, now you can secure more production lines!

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What?! You have built the website yourselves and admit you don’t have much experience building websites?! That’s very worrying. Are people actually entering personal details? Has there been any kind of security testing run on this site? :eyes:

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@anon23564932 do we have any idea about the second order of Kickstarter production yet?


@Pimax-Support @anon23564932 Does that mean people who got an order number in their account yesterday but were unable to pay will be in the first round of preorders and will be able to pay when the website is fixed? Or does it mean only those who successfully paid yesterday are in the first round preorder?


Is it possible to know when do you debit payment? During pre-order or in a few months when devices will be shiped?

As long as you have placed order yesterday, you are in the first round preorder.
If you haven’t processed the payment, you can pay when the website fixed. It won’t impact your first round status.


I want to know this too

Can you tell us when payment is debited please. I didn’t order because of that, if you debit when devices will be shiped that’s ok for me. If you debit when we order I’ll have to wait a bit.
Many of us need that answer.

Sorry Pimax but I laugh my head off! since 2 days.

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thanks for the response, good to hear!

Will the Controllers and the base stations be available at launch? I ask this because I do not have Vive controllers and base stations.

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@anon23564932 @Pimax-Support Can you please provide more information regarding order? I’m interested for Europe shipping info, but I think you need to give relevant information for all regions.

  1. Warranty - who will pay shipping back and forth? Need to pay customs and taxes again when receiving fixed item again?

  2. I think I read somewhere, that there will be additional payment for taxes and duties after the payment? This payment will be to Pimax or to local authorities (VAT + customs)? I think it’s necessary to know what the final cost will be at the time of the order…

  3. When ordering headset + base stations & controllers. Will it come together when everything is ready, or for example headset + base stations will come first and controllers later when ready?

Without more information, I just cannot decide whether to preorder or not and I think many people are in the same situation as me…


You already lost me as a customer, thanks anyway


But you are still here so you might still be a future customer


So i got the 5k in my cart but couldnt pay due to paypal error. Am i considered first round or not?

As long as you have checked out and filled in your address info, you are considered the first round.


Maybe Pimax should cancel all the interrupted orders to clear up the mess and start from the scratch? @anon23564932 @Pimax-Support

Please send those who are considered in the first round a confirmation mail. Otherwise a lot of people will order a second time and then total chaos is imminent.