The World's First Portable AR Private Theater

Recommend our friend, Dreamworld’s Latest Product- DreamGlass Air: The World’s First Portable AR Private Theater.

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Compatible with any smartphone/tablet (Android,iOS), game consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), PC&Mac, and many others,

DreamGlass Air Features:

  • :sparkles:2.5k, 100’’ AR Screen
  • :sparkles:90° FOV, Ultra-wide
  • :sparkles:Multi-screen Features
  • :sparkles:Wireless Tethering
  • :sparkles:5-Hours battery life
  • :sparkles:Foldable and lightweight (5oz)
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Anyone here backed the Dreamglass Air?

If yes please comment, if no please give me the opinion why :slight_smile:

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Moved to existing Topic. Looks neat. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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I back one unit :slight_smile: .

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At 1:18 I thought for sure that guy’s hand was going down his pants, as the commentator said “Hands free in Total Privacy”

Does it have some sort of head tracking ?