This Needs To Be Said About Pimax Now Event

Dear all,

I would like to comment on the Pimax Now event. In my opinion, the community should give some credit where credit is due. Yes, all the delays had been really daunting and there has been lots of miscommunication before. But now there are weekly updates and what was announced at the event is really cool. DFR! For all games on driver level. Come on, that is pretty amazing. We have not seen that anywhere else yet! That is the actual implementation of eye tracking that we all hoped for. Also the Pimax Experience looks really good, making Pimax way more accessible to “normal” people.

Moreover I just turned on PiTool and there is the 110Hz mode for the 8k Plus that I had been waiting for. So in the end, the company does deliver even they are going through a big deal of growing pain.

Sincerely, Sebastian


I liked the event but I can only give Pimax Credit when they send me my 8KX that I’ve been waiting years for and if I don’t have to RMA it. Then I’ll give them all the golf claps they want.


I’m a preorder from back in Oct. of last year. at the time they said shipping soon, then 60 days then 90 days ect ect ect. the last statement was June. They took the money right at the order. A per order should be you order they send you a order number then when it ships they take your money!!! Pimax should stop this as it’s not a preorder but a sucked you into a kickstarter backer without any lower price cut or goals added. I also ordered a few addon which I see now are free with orders. So no until I have my head set in hand(Works) and price adjusted for add on’s. Backers got the shaft and now the preorders are being put into that same line. it is what it is.


We’ll find out this week if all this pain and misery was worth it.

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DFR is ok but as long as it is Nvidia only I consider it beta status. They have to support all GPUs that are capable of then we can call it a feat.

The new Stretchgoal package is OK. Give n take, we were waiting way too long so all items should rather be of good use…
All that counts for me is about things beein delivered, then i might share some left over kudos

I agree with all of you above but Sebastian wanted to be positive about the new revelations, not all aspects of the past.

Indeed the VR Experience (VRE?) is an absolute winner and we should celebrate its existence.
It might even help up the value of our headsets because in reviews PiTool doesn’t come out great and casual VR gamers would probably stay away from it.

I mean unless we all get a free headset I don’t think some of us will ever be happy after everything Pimax did wrong before.


It’s funny because previously when I criticized Pimax for their bad communication and endless delays and broken promises, Pimax apologists would keep popping up and say we should be eternally grateful to Pimax for everything they’ve done for us and should forgive everything they’ve done wrong because they are just a small startup company with little resources.

Now when Pimax are on the verge of releasing the first VR HMD to offer the previously considered ‘holy grail’ of dynamic foveated rendering that can be used with most games immediately providing 30%+ performance boost … now people are nitpicking on every small little thing.

We do need to wait and see if they can keep their promises this time, but I agree that credit should be given where due.

The things coming are very exciting and show that Pimax are really trying to bring the best consumer VR experience possible.


Write a letter to AMD then. It’s their driver issue.

I agree with MRTV. The software improvements are dearly needed and welcomed, also that it is at driver’s level is fantastic. Btw looking at AMDs track record for VR features and the problems done Devs have faced with their bugged or half working drivers, outdated docs etc, I can just recommend you to stay away from AMD if you fancy latest technology like VR.
If you want barebones hardware that goes 10% faster per dollar, by all means, go for AMD, but don’t complain or call someone else insufficient (“beta” comment) because of your free choice.

Also, some guys don’t seem to know how much of a big deal it is for the Chinese to put in the apology of Nordic. That was class, they owed their mistakes, and apologized. Also, I hope the new CEO is good at his position and that Robin can go back to his core skills and what he likes best (I’d assume that was engineering). All the best for Pimax. Now, waiting for that 8KX shipping notice :wink: upgraded Oct 30th, let’s see when that notice comes. Like waiting for hot waffles in range where you can smell them already.


I’m divided between thinking the apology from the new CEO is great or not.
I guess in Chinese tradition it means a lot but we already heard sorry over and over. Reasons for it just never seem to end. So, great it’s from the surprise new chief but it had been done before.

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Should happen any day now, we are rolling!

Pre orders are not sent out until backers are fulfilled. I expect pre orders to start shipping in August and as you were early, you will be in the front line.

VRS (which DFR is based upon) is a fairly new feature and there are reasons why only RTX lineup supports it. Just like the VR evolution moves on, so does the GPUs and if you want to enjoy the latest features, it may be a good time to upgrade GPU, which apparently shouldn’t be an AMD as u will miss out VRS functionality anyway.
There’s no reason blaming Nvidia for making progress.

It is what it is. Those who complain, end up using a Pimax anyway because there’s nothing else in comparison for the money. And those who dont, they miss out. The freedom of choices!


The reason why Nordic is the CEO nowadays has nothing to do with delays or previous mistakes. He’s been the CEO for a good while now and all he wants in the clip is to express his excitement, and meanwhile also giving his honest words and apology for the various disappointments and unexpected delays.
This is something you don’t see often from big companies in EU/US and I personally think our “western” countries and continents have a LOT to learn from the Asian culture and its people, which in my opinion is most kind, respectful, generous and grateful of all worldwide cultures Ive seen. And Ive spent more than 16 months of my life in Asia in total. Just my 2 cents.


There is no blame game. Don’t know what your n JoCool anomosity stemmed from.
The headset is not sold as Nvidia only, hence every feature that is, is beta status IMO. Beta is not bad at all, it’s just not market(ing) ready in “proffessional western” business. Just no point in pushing a hype train until robust feat. are implemented agnostic to specific pre conditions. Hope is on OpenXR though.

Headset are not sold as Nvidia only of course, but some features are Nvidia only becuase other GPU vendors doesnt support them. These features are optional, and not fundemental for the headset’s functionality. Neither DFR nor FFR are features used to advertize the headset in general.


Not entirely true. Oculus has agnostic FR that also works on ARM GPUs with eye tracking. AMD is often under utilized even though a lot is taken from GPUOpen.

Nordic and Robin are Co CEOs has been that way since before the KS. Robin is the Founder.


Jep, that is OK, totally agree. Albeit when AMD claims such feat. for their new GPUs a comment on why it doesn’t work yet with the gear would be good, like in version history or readme for the pitools.

Actually I was just replyin to MRTV why I don’t hang things too high atm but waitin for things I can get “hold of” at my door step.

I did wonder if Robin was ok that makes sense thank you. :0)


Sorry preorder should be you order, you get a order number, when shipped money taken.!@!

But being told at time of order shipping very soon! money taken, months later and well ???
This should change!!!

Also since my order I see a lot has changed with what will be free or upgrade parts?

Keep in mind that the benefits of DFR=performance boost were displayed with aggressive mode.
I‘m on a 1080ti anyway but borrowed a 2070 long time ago to check how much FFR actually impacts performance. The difference was not super huge but still noticeable and every additional frame especially for the 8kX will be a win.

I just noticed, at least with FFR on aggressive mode, that far too much was rendered at a lower resolution and I did not like it. It was even disturbing actually.
The other, smaller but less performance gain modes (can’t remember the names) were ok though.
Since it will move with the eye aggressive mode with DFR may not be as bad as with FFR?

You see I try not to make myself buy a 2080ti anytime soon :slight_smile:

All I‘m saying is that the performance boost needs to be taken with a grain of salt IF agressive mode behaves similar on DFR like it did with FFR. Especially because the other modes did not bring that much performance boost. I think it was around 8-15% at least what I tested. Which is still something!
We‘ll see if DFR will make agressive mode more interesting.


On the other hand, since both AMD and Intel have announced that their next generations of GPUs do support VRS (under DirectX 12U), and all three brands are expected to launch new models very soon, this may be just the time to hold off on that purchase for a little bit.

P.S. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s those new models you should get, but you may get a better price on a tested 20xx model when they have competition.

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