Three VR headsets I want to see developed for the future

I want to see these three VR headsets be developed either by Pimax or some other company.

#1: A VR headset with 4K resolution but with FOV that covers the entire human vision both vertically and horizontally. Indistinguishable from real life.

#2: A VR headset with VARJO VR-3 resolution but Normal Pimax FOV mode.

#3: A VR headset with VARJO VR-3 resolution that covers the entire human vision both vertically and horizontally.

Headset #3 is the ultimate VR headset and I don’t see it existing until the Nvidia 50 series RTX cards come out.

Headset #1 and #2 are ones I think Pimax should be developing right now. Headset #1 would be the most immersive and preferable for me. Headset #2 would also be pretty immersive. Eventually the best of both headsets would be combined to make #3.


Those are some mighty fine idea’s

But I think Pimax should concentrate on finishing their current projects, and on the side insted of making new headsets, they should make drop-in replacement lenses be it either aspherical or dual fresnel lenses.
This would take their current HMD’s to a whole nother level that especially the 8KX deserves.


I think Pimax need to drive down the problems with the current form factor - weight, balance, comfort, lenses, IPD, etc - before expanding ambition on resolution and FOV. Unless it’s really easy to drop in.

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Personally, I’d be happy to see a Pimax 16K X after Display Port 2.0 is supported by the GPUs.

I think we also need them to be lighter.

I wish some manufacturer was pushing this boundary. We’ve ~doubled res / fps since the Vive, which is great. But I’d also really like something with vive-like specs but half the weight.

I’d want a higher res HMD with true black color. And, if dreaming really big, a lighter, more compact HMD. And, that should happen without sacrificing a single degree of the current FOV to be interesting.

But realstically, I agree @MrAhlefeld that probably the highest priority is better optics.

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People calm down. In 10 years we will have a only cable in our head :joy:


Naah… Chip implant… I’d prefer wireless :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Cash? Chip? Wireless? Implant? Please enter PINhead code to finallize purchase.

As for headset…“ultimate”…? Well, full FOV high resolution lighfield display would be a nice start… :9


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