ThrillSeeker talk about his 5kSuper

Pretty good review I think, bad points are audio and microphone (what happen with his mic, they use to be good)
Too bad he doesnt have a 8kX
He said his daily headset is a Pimax now, wow, congrats ! that is some serious stuff I think.

Curious though the mic might be low volume due to windows usb mic issue. Likely needs to use Mic boosting hacks as w10. Broke usb audio.

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Yes but it doesnt sound low but bad in his video :confused:

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The beginning showed him throwing his Index in the trash, lmao.

Finished the video…very good review. Had to comment that the distortions he simulated (all around the edges) go away with the thicker foam, so hopefully he notices.

I have a feeling Pimax is waiting to give out 8KX’s until 90Hz and DMAS are ready…that way reviewers can’t hate on the audio or refresh rate.


Something then might have been off in his environment or he has a unit with a mic defect.

It is baffling that the DMAS is still delayed.


Yeah, seems that currently Pimax has mic isssues.The Pimax 8KX of @VoodooDE also had mic issues.

Pimax has Mic issues on some systems yes that require programs like APO equalizer even with 5k and 8k earlier models.

This is related to MS w10 where they changed compatibility standards of the MS generic usb audio driver. Blue Yeti also has microphone issues due to using the generic driver vs having it’s own.

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They need to send him a Pimax 8KX modded with the Vive Deluxe audio strap. That will blow his mind away!


Yeah, the mic of my 8K X is very bad unfortunately :frowning:
I hope there will be a fix…


Such a shame, Pimax usually have very good mic.
Not sure it can be fixed by software :frowning: dont think so actually…

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Also i told and ask many many times pimax that we need a mic boost in pitools…

But they refused to listen or even to respond…People with pimax headsets(8kx,8kplus etc) are hard to hear in online matches…

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I actually didnt test my 8k+ but Artisan (Early model) and 8k had the best hmd mic.

This is HUGE for Pimax.

Rightfully he trashes the audio and the customer service.

But I love that he put his index in the trash.

If Pimax can just fix the issues he mentioned they might turn some heads.

Pimax if your reading this…customer support is King.

Not charging VAT for RMA’s would be a start.

The entire mic is a defect

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i dont know if that would make Pimax look any better. A headset this expensive should be good using Pimax parts.

I for one love the Strap it comes with. And the replacement hearphones from amazon blows me away

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Indeed as with when the Usb audio W10 issue was discovered ling ago with top usb mics like Blue Yeti, Pimax should have swapped out the Usb mic they were using for a standalone one that uses it’s own driver. As Microsoft has seemingly refused to reimplement the usb audio driver from W7 where no issue was present due to having boost options etc.

It is curious though why some mobo setups do not seem to have the issue while other usbs do

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On some people’s setups yes. If we could get a driver replacement for W10 generic driver it would be good for just about all.

Remember this issue also affects some people with og 8k and 5k+.

With even big name mics being affected MS should have fixed the driver issue when identified as many had to ditch there mics for a new one.

Pimax should have done better research on components used.


I’m less concerned about this as you can just slap a mod mic on there and done.

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Don’t worry about that, he will put it out. It’s just marketing stuff & maybe a bit sponsored or impressions about the FOV.

Index is one of the most solid HMDs on the market, one of the strongest points of it are:

  1. exceptional performance & very well made async reprojection which automatically switches to half/ third part of FPS & other stuff, it works so good that I can’t get back to the other HMDs with bad performance issues for heavy titles. It’s totaly ok though for titles like VRChat, but not for SIMs like DCS/Dirt Rally 2.0 where you want to get most of your video card as it’s not enough even with 3090, although on such a headsets (Vive Pro also has very good steam vr reprojection mode) after steamvr I guess Oculus PC & WMR also not bad, but steamvr for me works best. I cann’t normally use reprojection mode on Pimaxas many other, it’s too clunky & many artifcats but Pimax needs it badly as they have big FOV & third part layer with PP problem on top of that. It works sometimes ok & not that bad as I may wrote here, but on native HMDs with steamvr tracking it works just execptionally.
  2. Tracking is very solid, again only vive pro frrom all my HMDs was on par, I can’t normally use Reverb G2 coz it sometimes micro stuttering & it’s not confortable enough for me, while in VRChat & static games it’s ok, for fast paced games it distracts a lot
  3. Brightness of dipslays (they did good progress here & aliasing also is very good now)
  4. Experience consistency & comfort, while comfort might be ok on Pimax as well, the trouble free experience is not the case, while it might be ok at the beggining it will annoy a lot in the next months. Also what index does very well - you don’t need to adjust your HMD position while playing at all, while on other HMDs you constantly need to check sweetspot, wipe the lenses, etc. That’s very solid experience.

Myself I also find old Pimaxes HMDs like 5k+ enjoying due to big FOV, but that’s hard to use due to variety of small issues, the main problems I would say are tracking related (for new HMDs) + performance wise even on smaller FOVs it’s not on par with the other HMDs due to PP, pitool & bad reprojection implementation. I guess 5K Super has no tracking issues as seems 8KX has but other points apply.

Lets see how he will react in next 2-4 months. I also curious about that case. But indeed very good marketing for Pimax.

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