Through The Lens: Vive Pro 2 vs. Reverb G2 vs. Pimax 8KX vs. Varjo VR-3!

In this video, I made my best attempt at taking through the lens footage on my Samsung Galaxy S21+ phone of the Vive Pro 2, Reverb G2, Pimax 8KX, and Varjo VR-3.

Due to the challenges of taking TTL footage, I suggest you take these results with some grain of salt as the overall VR experience is quite different. In my conclusions, I found the Reverb G2 to be sharper than the other consumer headsets while the Varjo VR-3 was the sharpest. The Vive Pro 2 has more glare than the other headsets.


For the money, the G2 is currently impossible to beat for clarity. It’s brightness, colors, 3D effect are also top notch.


It does come with its own downsides though (smaller IPD range, smaller FoV, no LH controllers and buggy hardware/software).

Anyway the Varjo looks crazy sharp, damn! Can’t wait to test mine


Lol the vr3 makes 8kx like blurry mess.

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The steamvr home shot says it all. That was a perfect comparison shot.

Too had the price is out of reach for the most but the most hard-core enthusiasts.

@NextGenVR thx for the videos, you constantly putting out quality vids on matters most ppl would like to find out on.


Agree 100%. VR-3 is absolutely not worth to pay $6000 when we have G2 for 450$. But again, varjo is for business so automatically it must be overpriced :slight_smile:

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It’s a shame since the technology has been revealed over 3 years ago


For majority of the people, a G2 with a VP2 fov and an option for light house based tracking and index quality controllers would be the set to own for many years. After that you start getting into niche enthusiast wants and special use cases.

Whoever makes that first will lock up the pc space quickly.


Indeed the G2 is second best in terms of acuity after the VR3. I also found it to be a tad sharper than my 8KX and the Vive Pro 2. In the Steam Home shot it neatly shows the differences between the three affordable headsets - it’s not that the G2 leads by miles, but it is noticeable, and the Vive Pro 2 may have nice (slightly over-saturated) colors, but the God-rays/glare just really put me off, and that can be seen in the Steam Home shot too. So even if the Vive Pro 2 had achieved the acuity of the G2, which it didn’t quite manage to, this glare would have thrown it back quite a bit for me.

I just hope Valve will release an Index 2 which hopefully then delivers what I had hoped the Vive Pro 2 would…

For the time being I will stick to the G2 as the daily driver and the 8KX as the special use case headset.

The VR3 is a wet dream, but I would never be willing to spend that kind of money on it, it’s a clear improvement but likely not a completely different experience, and not even a complete offering in itself - you need to fit an audio solution again, which I am glad I don’t need to do with the others. I just hate this procedure of mounting headphones on your head after the headset, and the opposite process when getting out of VR…


It is,i want one too… lol

But for the price it still dont have the inky oled blacks and that puts me off…And the field off view…

what acuity everybody talks about G2 :woman_shrugging: Did I get a bad unit? Yes it’s sharpest among all of the HMD but only in tiny portion of a screen - everything else is a blurry & not by any means clear (wiith mod / without gasket, different tilting angles, different ipds (mine is 66-68, I don’t wear any glasses & my vision is sharp, I can see clearly SDE in G2 on white colours).

It’s really not clear for me except 5-6 cm diameter circle in the middle.

I would like to have Quest 2 level screens without FB & with light houses & direct PC connection.

I didn’t try VP2 yet, but despite g2 & 8kx are sharper than Q2, they suck on so many points that it’s not usable for some very important use cases for me:

  1. fogging
  2. small sweetspot
  3. awful comfort - I always need to readjust this awful piece of garbage
  4. screen on head turn has slight artifacts (pixels grid & ripple is visible) - it’s not good for desktop work, it’s still one of the best, but riple & aliasing push it off.
  5. very small area where you actually can use the clarity of HMD - while index/q2 have the whole edge to edge area clear to me - I can’t use index as it’s too low resolution, but atm Q2 is best HMD for desktop (code writing work) for me, no one still beaten it, I hoped for VP2 but my expectations are limited now due to reports about binocular overlap issues & some other cases, but still waiting deliverty & hope I will enjoy it


  1. Mura - first I didn’t notice it, but in bright scense & especially in desktop mod it’s awful - so sharp display & with this dirty screens which you always want to wipe

  2. while I have quite big clear area - it has issues with both eyes seeing 2 portions at once clearly, also the lenses are more wider on 8kx than on previous pimaxex, but I still can put it on min level where my both eye see clear in the middle (lenses still not centered & I see in left eye the right edge of lense centre & vice verse for right eye) but when I see an object in middle both eyes are seeing it clear - so in this combination it’s more comfortable, but the clarity spot is limited to the middle & the rest of lenses are blurry, if I spread lenses a bit further e.g. from 60.3 to 64-65 - I have 100-110 degrees of clear view & that’s nice, even outer edges not so blurry, but there is not eye strain or fatigue & I play for 8 hours but it never feels so comfort as in other HMDs - like you wear sombebody’s glasses & it feels off, & it’s bacause different eyes don’t see clear the same spots at once, the feeling decreases in a while but I never could able to completely eliminate. So optics IMO is drawback although it has own strong sides

  3. rotational blur - Oh, why nobody talks about it ( I just so it 1 week ago on forum) it’s so awful, I just never thought it would be a case for so expensive HMD, Iknow it’s firmware issue & kinda linked to limitation of bandwidth etc, but if you decrease FOV - it’s still there & if your head is still & you roll/drive plane/car - no issues but as soon as you move your head the picture becomes blurry mess - just an awful experiece, together with Mura it’s very experience breaking points. Pimax seems never manages to finish their R&D & do things properly.

  4. When you move your head white solid colors - e.g. in browser / desktop work - looks distracting, it’s because they didn’t optimize firmware - you see a lot of green pixels & other artifacts & ripple - very distracting if you keep your head still the image look good but as soon as you start move your head apart of blurr which is another case - the pixels ripple, artifacting, shimmering is not good - it’s not distracting on darker colours, but on bright it’s awful - it’s not SDE - I see SDE quite clear but it’s effect from dynamic RGB subpixels behaviour, Valve couldn’t fix it more than for 1.5 years, now they almost eliminated it on their recent firmware, but it took ages & it’s still not perfect, so I don’t believe Pimax even will do any significant improvements here (alreade passed a year since 8kx release)

Due to this screens issues Quest 2 is very decent for me for desktop working, I don’t use it for PC gaming at all as I hate air link/usb link /VD approaches - coz they limit performance & decrease panels potential - Q2 screens on native - e.g. if you look hd picture looks awesome, on games - they don’t due to mentioned problems. But Quest 2 screen has no optics issue, it has no any ripple, it’s aliasing is perfect - no jagged edges, good brightness & colours, no rotational blur, no smear, no any artifacts. Edge to edge clarity. FOV is not biggest but decent (about 90-95 for me) & I don’t see vertical FOV difference between 8x, index & q2

I so hope VP2 will be ok for my eyes, I don’t mind index glare and HTC always made decens artifact free screens, but there are a lot of different reports, so i keep my expectations low


I’m still happy with my Pimax 5K+. To justify the upgrade cost I’m waiting for a big jump from it in quality (resolution, comfort, sound) and hoping an Index 2 will provide it :+1:

PS I’m aware of “Valve time”, new Hmds rarely live up to hopes and there is a lot of speculation in this recent Index 2 video, but still thought it interesting.

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You may want to see my thoughts on different headsets like you’ve provided here: HTC is back! Vive pro 2 with 2.5k * 2.5k per eye @ 120 hz

I think the Pro 2 will be fine with your eyes when you dial in the distance with thinner pad, but it does have a low binocular overlap…

For the 8KX, I think people get used to the blur, but now I only use the 8KX in upscale mode, which doesn’t have the blur. New firmware coming soon is supposed to fix this at other refresh rates. I think it’s an issue with 75Hz for some reason. Like you said, it’s good when looking straight ahead, which is why I will use it for sims.

Quest 2 has the larger binocular overlap, which is probably why you like it, just wish they can let us up the bitrate with the Link cable to get rid of most compression.

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