Ticket 17850 still waiting

Good morning. I requested a shielded cable for pimax 5kplus ticket 17850. Do I have to wait much longer for an answer? I would need it urgently. I shielded mine but the viewer became very heavy. Thank you.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to be patient a bit longer…

@Matthew.Xu, please have someone look into this asap.

I’m sorry that is the best I can do. (I’m only a volunteer forum “leader” (sub-moderator).)

The main Pimax office has been closed for a Chinese holiday and the US office is still recovering from a recent hurricane, so things will (unfortunately) be delayed. My understanding is that the China location will be reopened on the 16th and will likely have a large backlog.

Here’s more info:


I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ll let the customer service to start processing your ticket now.

Thank you for your patience.

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still no response to my kind request to have a new cable. Why?