Tommorow i recieve the new released updated hp reverb g2,i want to see if the tracking is somewhat improved(it arrived today,and my impressions))

Tommorow i recieve the new released updated hp reverb g2,i want to see if the tracking is somewhat improved.

They say they improved the vertical improved vertical tracking by 30%.I wanne see if its got better…And the improved face gasked.


So today it arrived and i tested it today alot…

What first striked me was the great picture(wich i forgot how good it was)
The new faceplate is nice,you get a little better field off view…

But the downside again is the tracking… its still not great…
The controller tracking is maybe a little better,but it looses to much tracking on the vertical side when you rest you hands in a shooter…

So its going back again!(but the picture was nice,i found it even close to the varjo vr3 i had but then without the warping that disturbed me alot in the varjo vr3)

By the way i do find after trying that i like the Dmas(with the right boom3d settings) more the the hp reverb g2 audio… it was clearer with only ofcourse a little less bass)


Too bad about the tracking… Did they fix the small degree of sweet spot?

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Hello, i dont have problems with the sweetspot at all.But it could be my face shape.
Its very clear for me.

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I knew it. I also had the G2 on trial last year. It was the first time trying the over hyped Index speakers, and I remember not bring blown away.

After getting the DMAS I think they sound good(provides you don’t have jack issues, and ignoring the slight buzz on the right ear).

I felt that they were at least as good as the G2. But it had been so long since I tried the G2 I had no real proof.

How would you compare the G2’s speakers with the Index? Also what about the speaker placement ?

I remember the G2 speakers not having enough adjustability.

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For me the adjustability is okay…

For what i can remember the sound from the index was better then the G2 but i dont know that for sure because the index was long ago for me…

Lucky i dont have any hiss or noise on the DMAS… But i needed to eq the Dmas alot with boom 3d…But now they sound very good…And more then loud enough…