Trade in's on 12k

@ PimaxUSA@Robin Weng.

How much will Pimax save by requiring customers to TRADE IN there old head sets ?How much trouble and cost to achieve this ?
How many employee’s will be tied up sorting, crediting etc. Would it be easier and receive a tremendous amount of goodwill just crediting the backers and customers without trading in your old headset ,it would certainly alleviate customers not having a headset to use while
you ship as a trade in, remember they will be used,in any condition and would have to be
checked substantially which is more labour intensive so Pimax do the right thing we support
you, so support us,it could be a large difference in sales of the new 12k!!!



There is some merit to your idea, but I also think it’s a good idea for Pimax to take the trades and recycle their parts…cradle to cradle production is much better for the environment than cradle to grave.

It surely would be a logistics nightmare especially given Pimax’s track record. Kevin Pimaxusa said they may have plans for the used units, he didnt expound on that though

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It’s also about protecting their brand and new sales. Flooding the market with used headsets doesn’t exactly encourage new sales, and also ‘cheapens’ their image.

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There are a lot of VR arcades with older HMDs in Asia.