Try this if your Pimax 8KX has unstable tracking issue on Ryzen system

I will make a long story short.

If you have recently upgraded your PC with Ryzen CPU and motherboard ( especially X570, B550 chipset) and get unstable screen flicking, headset disconnection issue. Try this solution.

-Get into your BIOS setup menu upon boot.

-Find PCIEx option to change from PCIE Gen4 to PCIE Gen3.

-Problem resolved. ( Tested with Pimax 8KX on B550 chipset and HP Riverb g2 on X570 chipset )


Did you also have tracking issues?

Yes with Ryzen B550 but it’s been resolved.

BTW, it wasn’t actually VR headset issue, it is AMD mainboard chipset issue.

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Yeah saw that there have been some chipset issues with the 500 series.

Can you do a jitter test and post in this thread. There are a couple of Jitter test programs being used here.

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