Trying to Install Eye Tracking on 8KX

I’ve physically installed the unit, updated the firmware, and I can see the Droolon in device manager. I’m on Pitools 263.

But the calibration tool never shows up.

I’ve tried both of the versions of the aSeeVR SDK, but neither of them gives me a calibration icon or option anywhere.

Has anyone had the same problem and found a solution?


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I’ve found the calibration open which was quite well hidden tbh.

Now the red dot just stays in one place and won’t move.

Calibrating your new Eye Tracking Module Software for Perfect Operation

Steps to install and run the eye tracking calibration software


1.In the status interface, if you have installed DroolonPi1, you will be prompted to download aSeeVR software.
2.Run Runtime, two icons will appear in the system tray.
3. Click “calibration” to enter the calibration procedure
4.The two dots in the box represent the relative position of the pupil.
The two dots in the box represent the relative position of the pupil, and the two green dots should appear almost in the middle of the box during normal wear.
5.If two red dots appear, please check if a thin mask is used and the hardware is installed correctly.
Then follow the prompts to calibrate, press ESC to close the calibration program after the end.


steps 4 and 5 don’t really work for me as described.

i get a single red dot that doesn’t move

Please try to use a thick sponge face mask, about 15mm thick. If it still doesn’t work, I can contact 7invensun to provide remote service for you.

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My 8KX only came with one thin mask, I don’t have a thick one.

Please provide me your order number, I will contact customer service to confirm whether we will send you thick sponge mutual face mask.

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I’m KS2917. I’m also missing the silicon wrapper for the HMD.

meanwhile you can just use velcro strap between mask & bracket or try to keep your HMD by hands a bit further just to test whether it’s the case.

if possible try to connect ET module directly to your PC usb port, video type C, other type C or any default USB 3.0 port (blue colour)

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Customer service has been asked to inquire.The silicon wrapper and thick sponge will be sent to you together in the streth goal, and everything will be OK.

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