Tundra Tracker Support

I backed the Tundra Trackers on Kickstarter, and they are starting deliveries now. Tundra labs held a meetup in VRChat recently where they mentioned that some Pimax users who have gotten early access to the trackers reported that they do not work with Pitool. I had assumed that they would connect straight to SteamVR and thus bypass any problems with Pitool, but from what I heard during the meetup, that doesn’t sound like it is the case. Have we heard anything from Pimax regarding compatibility between the Pimax and Tundra trackers?

This might be a question for Tundra as well. Though Tundra uses it’s own special dongles so for a time might only be directly paired in there own ap in steam?

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At the meetup, Tundra made it sound like it was an issue with Pitool and it should be brought up with Pimax. I suppose I’ll have to wait and see though. HTC trackers still pair through Pitool, right? I’d imagine that they would operate exactly like that.

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We’ve made contact with Jason from Tundra Trackers. Both teams are collaborating on compatibility.
More likely there should some progress being held atm.


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