Tutorial on how to autorun PiTool with Admin rights automatically

it’s just annoying me to always confirm the admin popup when I run PiTool.exe
Some smart guys just turn down UAC which is a security DESASTER(!).
The tools for lazy people like me are build into Windows already.
Basically you run the program at login through the TASK SCHEDULER with admin rights.

-first copy the path for the PiTool.exe - you can find it right clicking on the PiTool Desktop icon, selecting PROPERTIES. Copy the whole path to the EXE [strg+c]
-search in the windows START-Menu for “Task-Scheduler” or run [Win+R] > taskschd.msc
-in the left folder tree, right click the first root-folder named something like “Taskscheduler library” (sorry I just have the german version here)
-select CREATE SIMPLE TASK and name it as you like
-NEXT select run on LOGIN (if you have many programs running on startup, you can make the execution wait 30 sekonds or longer in the options)
-NEXT “run program” and paste the path to the EXE (optionally copy the “run in” path as well.
-FINISH and reopen the task then.
-in the SETTINGS tab I also activated RUN ON DEMAND and END TASK IF LONGER than 1hour.


Pitool Popup AdminRights? why?

no idea why - the software wants admin rights when running it manually too.
bad programming I guess :wink:

Strange, I’ve never seen it in 3 years. Have you ever done a complete de and reinstall?

The reason you don’t see the popup warning is likely because you’ve changed this setting away from Default:

Changing that setting to a less restrictive value is generally a bad idea, since it means that malware can run undetected.

The reason PiTool always need admin rights is probably because it’s changing settings (in the Windows Registry) outside of HKEY_CURRENT_USER. That is, it’s acting as it is installing a new program.

For more info:

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nope, I hate windows and have forbidden him almost everything. But pitool never wanted admin rights from me.

That’s strange. Does your account have admin rights?

PiTool always gets a Windows prompt to “allow this app to make changes to my device”.

Why not just tick “run as admin” in the Pitool shortcut properties/compatibility?

I tried that and it didn’t stop the prompt for me, every time I start PiTool.

I’m stupid. He asks. I think I got so used to it that I forgot. :see_no_evil::rofl:

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Curious. I boot as admin so maybe that or that I use PT261

On the “user account control box” that pops up after launching Pitool, click on the area at the bottom that says something like “see details” and from there you can adjust the slider to “never notify/warn” but I assume this action is also applied to all “potentially harmful” apps that you click on going forward, not just Pitool.

the diagnostic.exe need admin rights since it runs as a service and services need those right - ok with me.

a note to everyone who disabled UAC: this is a security feature in windows that HELPS preventing unauthorized access to your PC. If you turn it down, I am sure you do not know how bad this is for the malware prevention system.

so bottom line: just work around it using the TASK SCHEDULER features in my first thread :wink:
I forgot to mention to DISABLE the autostart of PiTool, since it is been started by the TASK SCHEDULER: