Twack3rs Varjo VR-3 impressions

I tried two Varjo headsets at VR days in Amsterdam and it’s been the most amazing VR experience ever. If you forget about being in VR just for a second, your brain will fully accept the image as real. The clarity and resolution is like real life. Groceries have never looks so good either


I never really felt comfortable with my G2, even with a custom interface but even at its best, the G2 has a lower FOV and the resolution is noticeably worse.

The 70ppd focus area on the VR-3 is completely crisp, no pixels can be discerned at all.


I would be genuinely curious how the test ufo motion test from blur busters looks.

As far as games to test, New Retro Arcade Neon (really awesome emulation frontend if you like retro games.)

How is movie watching of Blu Ray (especially 3D)?

God willing one day they make a consumer version that plebs like me can afford lol

Sounds to me like pimax could use a foveated display in a future headset :wink: nudge nudge do it!


Tbh I have never watched a movie in VR so far and my PC doesn’t have an optical drive, so BluRay isn’t happening.

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I boycot bluray for the sheer price of the discs.
But you can download bluray ‘examples’


Why? Now i might have to blow some money on this thing.


what was the price ? 3000€ ? and do we have to pay 1000€ every year for the support ?


It was €4.600 for the HMD and 1 year‘s license including VAT.


Yeah so regarding the price:

Just to be absolutely clear, when comparing the 8KX to the VR-3 and then factoring in the price difference, the 8KX is the way better package for gaming applications, no doubt about it.

You do have to be particularly nuts to buy the VR-3 as an end consumer to get a glimpse of what I fully expect to be technology that will trickle down in the next 2-3 years.


Ok now you’ve got me worried :slight_smile: This sounds like the VR3 is only marginally better or maybe not even better at all at gaming than the X?

The reason I’m interested in this headset is that even though the 8k-X is currently my to-go headset and I’m relatively happy with it, the downsides still bother me and still have me wanting a new headset:

  1. comfort. Even after all the modding I did (vive strap), it still pushes onto my nose and still does not feel great. If I mod it with more space around my nose it just doesn’t look as good anymore
  2. Related to this is the headset wobble. Even after all modding it still wobbles way more than any other headset I own. I think this is also caused by the fact that it’s just so wide. The wider the headset, the more it will tend to wobble when you quickly turn your head of course
  3. Colors. They’re not bad but still make me want OLED, like the VR3
  4. Distortion. I actually thought I was getting used to it and started noticing it less. But the other day I started playing HL3 from scratch and just in one of the first scenes, after the train crash, where you have a ‘wide open’ scenery, it really hit me again. Distortion is of course the most noticeable in such scenes, where you look around (cause you need to look near the edges of the lenses to see it). In a game like Beat saber I don’t notice any distortion at all, cause you just look straight ahead. But now it really ruined the experience for me and I found it again really breaking the immersion.

So all this makes me want a new headset and since there really is nothing, the VR3 is the only option. It’s of course really expensive but that’s also relative. But if the headset is only marginally better than the 8k-X, I’m going to be really disappointed …

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Don’t be worried.

The VR-3 has better comfort, no wobble, fantastic colours, no distortion and a spectacular resolution as well as fully functional und performant hand- and eye-tracking to boot.

What I’m saying is that as a B2C user who only wants to game, the price difference between the 8KX and the VR-3 is huge and not everyone is as insane as you or I.


Ah yeah got you. And yes I’m sure you’re right. The price is of course kind of crazy, so price/performance wise the 8k-X will be the winner


what happens after 1 year ? You can still use the hmd but you wont get that "premium support " ? was there an option to get only the hmd without the 1 year license support ?


No, you need a valid license to use the HMD.

The software suite requires the user to be online and logged into their company‘s account.

There is no option to purchase the VR-3 without a license as of now.


:confused: damn that means every year 1000€ , thats crazy $$
I would buy it instantly but 1000€ every year …meh I pass


Not that it makes much of a dent at this point, but it’s actually €795 p.a.

Also, there are staggered prices, so a 2 or 3 year license will be cheaper per year.

I expect to use the VR-3 only until the next best HMD is around, so realistically a maximum of 2 years.

But I guess I have to reiterate: this is purely marketed and priced as a B2B product, not a prosumer B2C product.

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I find HLA for some reason has terrible distortion for me on the 8KX where all other games are fine. Makes me think the distortion profile is different/wrong/doesn’t work right with that engine.

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So if you don’t renew the license you own a nice paper weight?

I would have hoped it would just mean no software updates and maybe loose a premium feature or 2. That will likely scare off most save those with truly deep pockets or a company that really wants/needs this headset.


ye thats why I refuse to buy it , dont wanna pay 1000€ every year : O !

Is someone selling star vr one :smiley: ?