TWD Saints & Sinners Pimax 8kx Issues

I ran the game and my arms look super long and my side holsters are in front of me. The holsters used to be on my sides. I remember when I first got the Pimax 8kx it wasn’t like that(i’m pretty sure). It keeps picking up my gun and screwdriver if my arms are down and my hands are closed. It’s like i have to keep them below my chest so that doesn’t happen Does anyone know a fix ? I greatly appreciate it. Also it wasn’t like that when I had the Oculus quest 2. Same pc same game install.

I updated pitool maybe a month or 2 ago. I don’t think I have the latest one but the one before it. Also when pitool checks for updates it good. I also Updated the nvidia drivers because mine were old and battlefield 2042 wouldn’t run if I didn’t have new drivers installed. I was worried the 90hz wouldn’t work but it still works with no issues it never black screens or have weird artifacts. looks normal but on 90hz

I also noticed blurry screen when I turn my head I don’t know if that is what you guys call ghosting but I turned off gpu hardware acc and it was the same so I turned it back on

Thanks for the read and any help in advance.

UPDATE : I even uninstalled the game and everything on my pc that was tied to it. I even uninstalled the Oculus software. Same thing I even started from the beginning because the save files were deleted