Two ProTubeVR updates - controller HOTAS conversion + v2 Index cups

May be of interest to some.

  1. Controller bracket that converts it to be a HOTAS eg for NMS. I’ll stick to a regular HOTAS personally but interesting all the same. For ‘true VR’ sims like VTOL, this might have a benefit. Can be chair mounted with velcro, or to a desk with adhesive plate. Also shows an option to wall mount them to clear up space

Vive wands and Index controllers shown, but no doubt there will be others.


  1. There’s a v2 update to the Index cups to improve tracking - but at an additional price. I want to get Index cups but wavering because of the high price ~€52. Not clear if these improvements are included in new purchases by default, I have emailed them for clarification.

Well as I couldn’t find many others who had, I decided to take the plunge and pick up a pair of ProTas controllers as well as the Index controller adaptors - which can be used with the ProTube stock, or the ProTas above.

They were intended primarily for NMS, which I never got round to buying, will do eventually. I’ll try them with VTOL VR and Aircar and give an update later. For sure I found VTOL was a strain on the hands, as you can’t rest without a HOTAS-style mount.

Apparently Index controllers can be used with ED too, but given that has proper HOTAS support I’ll stick with my TM. If not too much hassle to switch without wrecking bindings then I will at least give it a test

Edit I’ll continue this here: ProTubeVR - ProTas VR review

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