Tyriel Wood Quest 2 review & Quest Comparison

Congratz Tyriel, as far as I know, the first Quest 2 review !

Scroll down for comparison

Enjoy :slight_smile:

1832x1920 per eye for $299 Usd

All I can say is, WHAT?!!!
Love his videos


Yes, could be great, but since they force you to have a Facebook account, Oculus will never ever be interesting to me. The good news is, that the industry will be pushed forward with such a release. So, still nice to see a complete wireless setup with this resolution for only 299.


The funny thing is, if you don‘t have a proper fb account yet, why does it matter if you have to get one now ? It will contain the same information as your Oculus account then. Unless you assumed that they would not use the data stored in the latter in the same way as the former.


I just dont like the thought of being forced, especially when its Zuckerberg.


Can’t wait for someone to hack the Facebook right out of this device!


I was just thinking abt that the other day. Doesnt the quest run on android? I’m genuinely surprised I havent heard of anyone doing this. Honestly if that could be done I would def consider getting a quest/quest 2 but sadly I cant find anything on this being done.


Production quality of his videos are really great, lots of cool details put in.


Yeah one of the best YouTubers, and isn’t monotours and boring to watch like others. Some others shots are nearly always front facing. I’m tired of looking at them all the time, and some videos are unnecesarirly long.

I wonder how much supersampling this portable device can handle, even for VirtualDesktop and such. Or can it be connected to computer at low-latency and full resolution?

Just to be shure, i followed some Steps to download an Oculus offline installation. Don’t know if i will use the cv1 in the future for my son. I Googled a bit and found a guide on how to do this ofcourse i already forgot where it was.:roll_eyes:

Quest 1 already does a great job here, unfortunately it’s not native image from PC, coz they loss some colour depth & sharpness during compress/decomress USB stack, although atm it’s not available for Q2 they promise soon to introduce Q2 link with enhanced algorithm for link + it will work in 90HZ. There are no problems with latency at all though.

But I never use Q1 in PC VR gaming apart of echo coz Vive Pro doesn’t suffer from all those link’s downsides, although if you have no other HMDs it’s really solid experience but not the best.

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The hardware is certainly nice and all. But…
Watched the Facebook Connect. Was both interesting and scary, particularly their ambitions regarding AR. As close as looking through everybody’s eyes, listening through everybody’s ears and with all the additional sensors like eye-tracking, effectively looking inside everybody’s brain as it gets. And streaming all that into the cloud. To Facebook. Who have already clauses in their new TOCs that they can use and sell this information at will.

I would feel uncomfortable with having so much data available about every person. Today it might only be used for advertizing, but if all that data is there and the wind changes there is tremendous abuse potential.
Better not to have the data in the first place.

Facebook doesn’t sell their headsets in Germany atm. because of open legal questions. I wonder why their plans don’t collide with legislation in other countries, too. With plans like these it really should…


Sideload will be replaced by a system where people can register an application to be unlisted. The requirements towards such an application might be lower than for a listed one, but compared to before, Facebook has full control even over sideloaded applications and can deny them without necessity to justify their decision.

I think it will be hard to use any content from the Quest store and thus access to anything really optimized for the Quest2 without having Facebook in the loop. But perhaps one can it offline as a OpenVR device via link cable or even wifi as it was possible with Quest1 and VirtualDesktop. But it might be a hare and tortoise race as new drivers might be needed from time to time (e.g. to ensure compatibility with newer GPU drivers etc.).

Edit: According to Carmack, the Quest2 was internally successfully tested with120 Hz. He doubts that they will officially unlock it. And the hardware won’t be used to it’s full extent, because it would draw too much power otherwise - which might not be as much of a problem, if temperatures are still healthy, when using it with the link cable anyways. (Does the link cable charge the Quest?)
So an offline version that isn’t used for Quest content anyways might also have some additional opportunities…

I believe Ireland are in dispute with them too.

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And here we go for a TTL comparison of the Quest and Quest II
Really huge improvements on the SDE !


Almost looks like a diffusion filter being used on the Q2. When you look closely at the hard edges of the text on the chart there seems to be some ghosting or smear. They might be able to improve it over time via firmware updates.

blacks always look so black on those TTL videos, unfortunately they are not the same when you use your eyes, also vertical lines on LCD screen in this video worry me.
anyway I ordered one, resolution bump is nice but loosing contrast, colours & black isn’t, on the video colours are really good, black really good looks almost OLED, but from my experience Tyriel W. & others TTL e.g. in the past comparing Risf S vs CV1 or Vive Pro vs Index they had almost pure blacks on the TTLs & they look completely different IRL, I guess it’s coz camera does the trick but anyway TTL should be taken with graint of salt.

Those vertical lines almost look like the Index vertical lines, but they should be diminished due to more pixels/less FOV in the G2…I guess we’ll see.

Sorry but on my monitor the completely black scenes are no way comparable to OLED. Check again this is clearly visible in the RECROOM capture where black washing is popping out ( make it full screen by the way if you haven. if I just look the video at the forum size I don’t see it much difference)