UltraLeap and Pimax Unveil Partnership and 1st Official Accessory

1st Official UltraLeap Consumer Integration

26th February 2020 – Pimax, a leading innovator in immersive virtual reality (VR) hardware, today announced it has signed an agreement to offer Ultraleap hand tracking for its whole VR headset range.

This is Ultraleap’s first official accessory integration within a consumer market VR headset, which will enable more people to have more intuitive interactions and immersive VR experiences with the games they love.

The hand tracking module, powered by Ultraleap, will be compatible for Pimax’s latest 8K X and 8K Plus headsets, as well as their whole headset collection.

Kevin Henderson, COO of Pimax, said: We’ve been working with the Ultraleap team for some time now and we are so excited to be able to officially bring this amazing technology to the gaming and immersive computing community. As the most advanced hand tracking available, we can’t wait to see our supporters play around with this addition and finally have the power of natural interaction for all of their VR experiences. Final production arrangements are well underway and we expect to make these modules available to the Pimax community in Q2 2020.”

Pimax Hand Tracking Module powered by Ultraleap

Steve Cliffe, CEO of Ultraleap, said: “Using our hands, as we do in the physical world, is a fundamental element needed as we interact with the digital world. What’s so important about this agreement is that it means even more people will be able to experience the magic of hand tracking.”

The Pimax hand tracking accessory integrates Ultraleap’s latest hand tracking hardware and seamlessly attaches to Pimax headsets. Specifications include a stereoscopic IR camera that creates an interaction zone of up to 100cm (40”) range, extending from the device in a 160×160[AH1] ° field of view (approximately 74 cubic feet or 2.1 cubic meters of interactive space). In conjunction with Ultraleap’s hand tracking software platform, this creates a seamless plug and play solution.

Pimax Vision 8K X

Pimax is dedicated to providing PC VR devices with high resolution and large 170-degree field of view to consumers and mainly for gaming. Their latest Vision Series VR headsets are the world’s first native resolution 8K VR headsets and offer industry leading levels of immersion. In addition Pimax has a large customer base of previous headsets which include the Pimax 5k+, XR (OLED) and 8K headsets all of which can seamlessly be used with Ultraleap’s hand tracking accessory.

Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking technology has been developed over 10 years using artificial intelligence. The technology is applicable to a wide range of industries, including extended reality, automotive, digital signage, industrial automation, consumer electronics and location-based entertainment, to bring natural interaction between people and technology.

More details on availability will be available soon on Pimax’s website.

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About Ultraleap
Ultraleap is the new single brand formed after Leap Motion joined Ultrahaptics in 2019. The combination of the two leaders and a strong portfolio of research-based IP are now focused on facilitating engaging, natural, 3D (spatial) interaction between people and technology. This fast-growth company employs more than 150 people across UK, US and Asia. It has become the first to offer the full vertical stack of software and hardware to enable immersive virtual touch controls for the automotive, advertising, industrial, immersive entertainment and enterprise sectors.

About Pimax
The Pimax team is a group of engineers and VR enthusiasts. We are obsessed with the beauty of mathematics and innovations. For example, the founder’s favorite equation is the Euler’s Identity e^(πi)+1=0. Pimax was dreamed up in Shanghai and Silicon Valley. We are a group of developers that have decades of experience in smart devices, including many years of experience in VR headset R&D and manufacturing. We are addicted gamers.

More information: (Interviews, photos and videos available on request)

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Nice to see the Demoed since the KS Hand Tracking Module finally seems to be moving forward. So are we aiming for before Summer for release?

How about the Sword Sense?


A full Index controller simulator mode would be great, so we can play all controller games - well, without controllers. Sometimes a hapic component can of course be helpful, but not having to hold a controller to laser-point to a menu etc. would be cool!
Also hope the tracking area is bigger than for the original LeapMotion controller. Even though this somewhat limited the possibilities, some cool stuff existed. E.g. the Geco MIDI controller was quite innovative!


A Youtuber tested the LeapMotion prototype Pimax hand tracking module, 1 year ago, on a 5K headset.

I wonder if the Ultra Leap module just announced is identical or improved compared to the one shown in the video from Feb 2019?


It is a newer version in a lot of ways than was shown at that time and even CES 2020.

The hand tracking itself has a wider field of view than those prototypes did and greatly improved drivers and firmware. Also a number of other technical improvements are part of it as well.

We also have some further announcements to make about the hand tracking prior to GDC.


Thank you for your rapid response and keeping us all updated. Most appreciated.


Hopefully some general services applications; Primarily SteamVR Input virtual controllers (EDIT: Highly configurable ones, preferably), using the API’s skeletal model, like NoamLoop mentioned above, and a virtual keyboard that one can pop up anywhere, and that works just like any regular keyboard connected to the computer (well… through the OS at least - through BIOS may be a bit too much to ask :7), so that each and every application developer do not need to specifically integrate support for each and every title.

Maybe Ultraleap has some of these already? :7


My biggest dream is to combine this with a hotas setup in flight sims so I can use both a joystick and then my actual hands to flip switches and buttons.


Same. Combining this with a HOTAS would be awesome. I also want to be able to more easily grab OVRDrop panels and such.


I want this new IR hands tracking device also tracking my hot coffee mug and render an overlay in VR.

No really, it’s all about software, software and then software again…

:crazy_face: Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! :crazy_face: