Unable to enter DFU Mode 8kx


I am unable to enter DFU mode on my 8kx, the best I could manage is to get it to trigger it for a few seconds (when pressing all three buttons on the hmd and releasing when led goes white, it flashes red green blue afterwards) the device “STM device in DFU mode” shows up in device manager for a few seconds then it immediately disconnects and LED goes solid red.

Any firmware I attempt to flash with the DFU tool hangs at 98% when I do not manually engage DFU mode. If I force manual DFU with pitool exited and only the pimax service running DFU tool does not respond (no warning messages either)

I tried a fresh install of pitool 260 after removing the ST Microelectronics DFU driver, uninstalling my Thrustmaster pedal drivers and associated software.

The HMD works but I want to install the 298 beta firmware which enables 90hz refresh rate.
I couldn’t figure out the root cause, DFU mode is recognised but for some reason it ends abruptly a second or two after it is engaged.

Has anyone encountered this issue on an 8kx. I have seen workarounds on the threads for the 5k+ for a similar issue none worked unfortunately.

Managed to get it working not exactly sure how.

I’ll try to explain what I have done , sorry too lazy to structure it properly on a phone.
I tried reseating the cable on the hmd itself but it required a lot of force so I gave up and pushed it back in in case I loosened it.
After that I disconnected the display port cable and left only USB cables connected, pitool was not running only the piservicelauncher service was running.
I pressed all three buttons simultaneously while it was powered on with a solid red indicator and it flashed white then red again.

After that I went to device manager >> view >> hidden devices and uninstalled two unrecognised USB devices under “Universal serial bus controllers” (ST DFU mode was still on the list as a hidden device left it as it were).
After that I manually engaged DFU mode by pressing all the buttons on the hmd similtaneously, it flashed different colours for a good while I quickly went to DFU tool and set it to flash the 298 firmware and by some miracle it worked.

I dunno man, voodoo magic. The machine spirit is in a happy mood.

I haven’t tested the hmd, just saw the 90hz option in pitool, I’ll give it a whirl and see whether I need to give it the good ol steelcap boot next.

It works, just did a brief check with fpsVR.
Looks noticeably smoother too, good stuff, happy times.
Half a day of troubleshooting well spent.