Unable to track Pimax 5K+ headset with Index lighthouses 2.0

Hello community.
I just have the Index controllers and base stations and this is my situation. I can see the controllers and base stations flashing blue in Pitool, also I can see them in SteamVr but the headset is not tracking. I’m using the latest Pitool, Nvidia drivers. I move the headset around the bases but nothing, restart the services, reboot and nothing. Do I missing something here? Please your help will be very much appreciated.

To make sure, you have the “enable lighthouse tracking” selected in Pitool?
Have you made room setup?

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Lighthouse tracking in enable and I can’t do the room setup because the headset is not tracking.

When I enable lighthouse I don’t see anything in the headset and Pitool say to move the headset so the lighthouses see it, I do that but nothing.

Could you have a look at that ?

Are the lighthouses at least recognized by PiTool? (they would be blinking blue).

Yes I can see both lighthouses and controllers blinking, also SteamVr. But they are not trucking. I need help please @PimaxQuorra

What was the resolution on this? I am at this same point now.

Pimax asked me to contact Steam and I’m dealing with them now. Steam email me today and they are requesting to Pimax for a replacement. I think by the time I have the replacement it will be another month or more. Sucks!

Did they try Teamviewer to assist you or just sent you to Steam?

Yes, Pimax remoted to my computer for over an hour and told me the base stations were not calibrated by the factory and they were ignore.

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Hey Jules, just checking in if you have been able to RMA yet. I’m now in same boat and waiting on them to get me RMA info. Curious how many of us are in this situation now.

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Hello, Just today I got the return label. I hope they don’t take forever to send me the replacement. Do they Team Viewer to your computer yet? They need to do that and after that you need to contact Steam. I know is a pain. I hope they did that already or else you are going for a right. Good luck man.

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They didn’t even have to. Apparently you cleared the way as they took 1 day to look at my logs and then emailed me that it would need to be RMA’d to the Amazon warehouse. They already approved the return. I am waiting on the label now.

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