Unable to track Pimax 5K+ headset with Index lighthouses 2.0

Hello community.
I just have the Index controllers and base stations and this is my situation. I can see the controllers and base stations flashing blue in Pitool, also I can see them in SteamVr but the headset is not tracking. I’m using the latest Pitool, Nvidia drivers. I move the headset around the bases but nothing, restart the services, reboot and nothing. Do I missing something here? Please your help will be very much appreciated.

To make sure, you have the “enable lighthouse tracking” selected in Pitool?
Have you made room setup?

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Lighthouse tracking in enable and I can’t do the room setup because the headset is not tracking.

When I enable lighthouse I don’t see anything in the headset and Pitool say to move the headset so the lighthouses see it, I do that but nothing.

Could you have a look at that ?

Are the lighthouses at least recognized by PiTool? (they would be blinking blue).

Yes I can see both lighthouses and controllers blinking, also SteamVr. But they are not trucking. I need help please @PimaxQuorra